Want To Lose Weight?

Get and stay motivated + Stop cravings + Become confident + Listen to free mp3 tracks + An action plan = Easier weight loss and you get there sooner. Get ready for amazing results.

Imagine getting super motivated, confident, with your desires to eat junk/overeat greatly reduced and a plan of action. Would this make it easier to lose weight? Yes of course. Energy Hypnosis will make this happen for you. Come in for a session or attend a Workshop and get started. You can also do it online right here to make it easier to lose weight.

To learn more about how this works click on the ‘Weight Loss’ Workbook above and see all the Posts. The sessions and Workshop will pretty much follow these Posts but will be made more powerful by Hypnosis.

Private Session  – 60+ minutes of powerful hypnosis. By appointment  $120 – Limited Special first session 50% off – $60

Next Weight Loss Workshops Saturday Feb 9, 2019  11am-1:30pm $75.

Next Weight Loss Group Feb 2, 2018 $45

Garry Waligore Hypnotist   energyhypnosiscenter.com   maxhappiness@att.net   Novato CA



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