Quit Smoking May 3      Weight Loss May 10

Get started + get and stay motivated + stop cravings + become confident + listen to free mp3 tracks + make an action plan = fast & easier reach your goal or lose weight. Get ready for amazing results. Bring in a goal to work on or you can come up with one here. My whole program right here

Workshop Details  –  A small group allows for plenty of interaction and personal attention. Group Hypnosis is used with everyone going into Hypnosis together. This works really great especially for your first time. Hurry to reserve your seat before they run out. Garry Waligore CHT will be your Hypnotist and he is certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Learn self hypnosis and get a free Workbook and mp3 tracks. Visit my website today. How will you feel when you reach your goal?

To learn more about what we do in the Workshop or a private session go to the Workbooks which cover the areas we will work on. The sessions and Workshops will pretty much follow these Posts but will be made more powerful by Hypnosis.To learn more about Hypnosis go to the Self Hypnosis Workbook

Quit Smoking – Friday May 3, 1pm-3:30pm  $60

Weight Loss – Friday May 10, 1pm-3:30pm  $60

Call, text, email, or reserve a seat at my website energyhypnosiscenter.com

Private Session  – 60+ minutes of powerful hypnosis. By appointment  $120 – Limited Special first session 50% off – $60

Location – Novato CA see website for details

Garry Waligore Hypnotist   maxhappiness@att.net   Novato CA



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