Ever wonder what Hypnosis is all about? Attend the Discover Hypnosis Workshop and find out for yourself. How it works will be fully explained and all your questions will be answered. You can then try it during 4 group hypnosis where everyone will go into hypnosis together. This works great especially for your first time.

During the hypnosis we will explore 3 areas: 1. achieve your goal 2. reduce your stress 3. positive thinking. Have a goal or change you want to make? You can get motivated, overcome obstacles, build confidence, and make amazing progress right here. This is a special price so you can discover the wonders of Hypnosis. Everyone is welcome. Seating is limited so reserve your seat today.

Why Use Hypnosis?

Hypnosis works fast. You save time, money, and energy and make the changes fast & easier. You will get started + get motivated + overcome obstacles + become confident + listen to mp3 tracks + make an action plan = fast & easier to make the changes you want for a happier life. Workshops and private sessions and you can also get amazing results online right here.

To learn more about how Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis read the Hypnosis Workbook in this blog. To learn more about what we do in the Workshop or a private session go to the Workbooks which cover the areas we will work on, for example the Quit Smoking Workbook. The sessions and Workshops will pretty much follow these Posts but will be made more powerful with Hypnosis. Everyone is welcome.

You will get results at your first session and get amazing results from a Workshop. The Workshops have a maximum of 8 people so everybody gets plenty of help if they want it.

Private Session  – 60 minutes of powerful hypnosis. The first session last about 75 minutes or more. By appointment  $120 – Limited Special first session 50% off – $60


Discover Hypnosis 

Quit Smoking   

Weight Loss 

Location – Novato CA – San Francisco Bay Area – see website for details

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