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Want to be happier? You can be by converting your negative thoughts into positive ones. Sometimes I find myself saying to myself ‘I am tired’ and I feel tired. Sometimes I have doubts like ‘I can’t do it’. These are negative thoughts and we want to convert them to positive thoughts so we will feel better. You might still feel little tired  or have doubts but you are adding positives into your Inner Mind (subconscious). It can take some time however sometime in the near future it will start working. Here are some ideas.

I am tired’  can be converted to ‘I have plenty of energy’ or ‘I feel good’ or you can use Energy Self Hypnosis. Say this often. You might still feel a little bit tired but you are adding positives into your Inner Mind (subconscious). It can take some time however sometime in the near future it will start working. The more you say it the sooner it will happen. When the positive thoughts in the Inner Mind are stronger than they will take over and replace the negative ones. See below.

I can’t do it’ can be convert to ‘I can do it’. You can also imagine yourself doing all the necessary steps to do it and then imagine it happening. See it happening in your Inner Mind.

‘I don’t have enough time’ into ‘I can get it done in time. 

‘I don’t want to do this’ into ‘I want to do this’ since I must get it done.

How does the Inner Mind work? 

The Inner Mind also known as the subconscious is made up of your memories, habits, emotions, imagination, creativity, fun, directs body and more to be found. The Inner Mind lacks critical thinking. This means it can not tell what is true or false. A stage show is the classic example. Hypnotized people think they are ducks and quack like a duck.

It is made up of positive and negative memories, emotions, habits built up over a lifetime. In a specific area if the ++++’s are stronger, they will send you strength, peace, confidence, answers, ideas, determination and motivation. Your Inner Mind will do everything possible to help you reach your goal or make a change.

If the – – – -‘s are stronger they will bring doubts, tiredness, cravings, confusion, “I want…” anger, bad memories. It will do anything to stop you.


If the positives are stronger you will be inspired to eat less and you will want to exercise. If you have a desire to eat sweets/overeat you will shrug it off easily. You will lose weight. If the negatives are stronger you will get repeated messages to eat a candy bar, to overeat at dinner, to skip your workout. You can still lose weight but it will be a constant struggle. What are these negatives and where did they come from? Past failure, stress, anger, health issues, genes, childhood experiences are common ones.

More Negatives into Positives

I want to eat those donuts into I will just walk away or I can weigh xxx pounds

I have to walk the dog into I love walking the dog or I can walk the dog or It will be fun

And more which you can change negatives into positives.

Take Charge

There are many more examples of turning negatives into positives. What we want to do is take charge of the Inner Mind (not control). It will then help us get things done, feel better, and have a better day.

Have A Good Day!

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