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Everybody wants to have a good day. Here are some ideas to help you have one. Feel free to come up with your own ideas.

Visualization – Here are some ideas. a. good memory b. happy place c. have fun like a kid d. having fun with family e. achieving goal

Good Things – Start noticing good things happening. It can be simple things like looking out your window and really seeing the trees, your boss saying something nice to you, having a nice conversation with a friend,   perhaps something really good might happen. This helps to fill up the glass and you will feel better.

Gratitude – Name a number of things you are grateful for.

Smile – Smiling just makes you feel better and when you smile at someone they feel better too.

Take a walk in nature – This is great for feeling better and calmer. It is also a great time to reflect and get inspiration.

Help someone – There is something about helping someone that makes you feel good.

Pray – This is especially good for people who are religious.

Good and Bad habits – Pick out a bad habit and replace it with a good one.

Treating body – Look at how you are treating your body. Perhaps smoking, drinking, eating too much and then start treating your body better. Next look at the good ways you are treating your body and be thankful.

Say “I feel good” – This is is very powerful. As you go thru your day say “I feel good” many times and you will probably will feel better.

Good memories – Have a number of good memories that are ready to go and bring them up to feel better.

One way to make it better – Reflect on your life and think of one way you can make your day better.

Fun – Have some fun every day perhaps playing with your family, friends, neighbors. Pressed for time do something fun for 5 minutes or more on your own.

Goal – Work on your goal.

Exercise – This is great for lowering your stress and getting you feeling better by getting in shape.

Home Project – This is especially good if you are staying at home. Clean the garage, paint, do the repairs you didn’t have time for before.

Meditation – Great for having a better day

Yoga – Try this and see if it can help.

Stress – Keep your stress low. See Stress Workbook.

Cheerful – Be cheerful and feel better and help others feel better.

Talk, email friends– Take time to connect with family and friends.

Daily habits – Turn some of the above into habits.

Sleep – Get enough good sleep.

Wake up – Say “Today is a good day”. Say what you are grateful for.

Music – I love this one.

What’s important – Find out what’s important in your life, perhaps a number of them.

Make it easier – “What can I do to make my life easier?”. Ask this question many times.


I now have a store which contains all of the material in one area such as Quit Smoking in one file and includes the audio tracks. You can download them. So far there are 5 – Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Achieve Your Goal, Get Stress Relief, Positive Thinking with more coming soon. Click link below.

I hope this helps you have a good day.

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