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Your Inner Mind (subconscious) can send you cravings, doubts, tiredness, excuses, and many more. Or it can send you motivation, inspiration, energy, confidence  and more good stuff. Here are ways to do this and some have links to their Post. What we are doing is deleting the negatives and adding positives thoughts and feelings. It take some time for your Mind to fill up with Positive Thoughts and Feelings. The more Positives Thoughts you have the happier you are. You can find out more here.

Add Positives

Delete Negatives

  • Automatic Writing
  • Ask questions especially in self hypnosis
  • When bad memories come up bring a good memory into awareness
  • When angry or stressed say to yourself ‘relax relax relax’
  • Monitor your stress and keep it low and use the above
  • When doubts come up see yourself getting it done
  • When cravings come up have suggestions or a visualization ready or something to help you overcome
  • Feeling down say ‘I feel good’


It’s important to have many of the above ready to use to take charge. I have put in links from this blog to help you develop your own. During your day say them outloud or to yourself. While taking a break is a good time. When your Mind becomes close to full of positives your life will blossom and you will be happier.


When your Inner Mind sends you a negative thought you can replace them with a positive thought just say the positives right away. Here are some ideas. You can always make up your own. You can also just put in positive suggestions when you want to. A PEP Talk can take 30 seconds or less.

  • ‘Feeling down’ say ‘I feel good’ say a few times
  • I can’t do it say ‘I can do it’
  • Feeling angry say ‘relax relax’
  • Need to lose weight say ‘I lose weight. I love losing weight’
  • Feeling depressed say ‘I feel good’
  • Feeling tired say ‘I am energized’ or ‘energy flows thru me’ or feel the energy growing within you
  • Bad memories come up have a good memory come up. Keep 3-5 good memories ready to go..

I think everyone wants a better life. The ideas here and in other Posts in my blog will help you have a better life. If you have any questions call 415-854-5504. I have private sessions in Novato (San Francisco Area) and zoom for anywhere.

Take Charge and be Happier

Garry Waligore  Hypnotist

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