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While we cannot control our future we can take charge of it. We can influence it. What do you want your future to be? Visualizations can help make it happen. This post contains a two minute booster audio track.

We need to tell our Inner Mind (subconscious) what we want to happen. The Inner Mind can help you get there or it can do everything possible to stop you. It can send strength, peace, confidence, answers, ideas, determination and more to help you achieve your goal. Or it can send doubts, tiredness, desires, confusion, “I want”, anger, bad memories and more to stop you from achieving your goal. Visualization help you tell it what you want and make the suggestions stronger so the Inner Mind will help you. See category ‘How Mind Works’ for more about this.

The more we do this the sooner it will happen. A visualization can take a few seconds or a few minutes. You can then use them anytime anywhere just be in a safe place (not driving). They also keep you motivated and on track. We say visualizations but we want to use as many senses as possible. I use many kinds. Here is the ‘Vision’ one.


A Vision is a mental video of what we want to happen in the future, usually a goal. If you are a swimmer it could be winning a gold medal in the Olympics. Or it could be a vision of getting your Math exam back with an ‘A’ on it.

TO CREATE – Start daydreaming about your goal. Now let the colors and shapes get sharper. Perhaps feel the gold medal in your hand or feel the rush as you stand on the podium. Hear the crowd roar. Use as many senses as possible. Next see a white line from the present time you to the future you achieving this goal. Now see yourself going down this line to get there. You are connected to your future reaching your goal. Now add this up and create a mental video of your Vision. It would help to write your vision down. You can use it whenever you want as many times as you want just be in a safe place.


Say peace self hypnosis. You can also use ‘relax’ or ‘heavy.
My shoulders, arms and hands are at peace.
My chest and stomach are at peace.
My back and legs are at peace.
I am at peace.
Play your video in your head.

Or listen to an audio track



Need a boost? Nothing better than this 2 minute track. It will take you into light hypnosis and give you a boost. This one is generic so you can use any goal. Audio tracks provide motivation and help you stay on track. I have 2 kinds:

‘relax’  You need to sit or lie down in a quiet area or use headphones. The suggestions are 2nd person “You can reach your goal” as if a hypnotist was talking to you. They take you into light hypnosis. The regular tracks last 8-10 minutes. This Booster lasts 2 minutes.

‘outloud’  You can listen to these while cooking, working, anytime anywhere just be in a safe place, not driving. It keeps you in normal consciousness. They use the first person.

AS AN EXAMPLE – Garry’s Visions

Here are a my daily visions at this time.

A. Turn your goal into a number. If you want to weigh 188 pounds use 188. Imagine opening your third eye between your eyebrows. See a line projected before your forehead with a long row of 188’s. See the numbers 188 coming towards you and thru your third eye into your Inner Mind. A continuous line of numbers flowing into your mind. Do this for about 10-30 seconds. I use this one a lot.

B. I am working on getting buffed. I see feel my muscles growing bigger and stronger. I say to my muscles grow bigger and stronger. When I work out at the gym I use this vision and positive suggestions feeling my muscles growing bigger and stronger. I see feel the body I want.

C. For my hypnosis business. I see a a client knocking on my door. Then in detail I go thru the steps of my sessions. Each one working. At the end the client has made tremendous progress and is happy.

D. I see feel this one like a butterfly emerging from my chest like it was a cocoon. Within me a new person is emerging. A person who reaches my goal. See feel this person emerging.

E. I visualize my heart as a flame of love. It grows strong and helps people.

F. I visualize a world at peace.


I think pro basketball is one of the best examples of this. Everything happens so fast. Everybody moves so fast in so many directions. Dribble, takes shots, block, rebound. The conscious mind thinks very slow. A basketball player can not think fast enough to make all those moves. They train and train starting when they were young. They train there Inner Mind (subconscious) to do all of this. Then when the game starts they let their Inner Mind take over. The conscious mind provides direction. Basketball players use self hypnosis in action. But they don’t call it that.

Hypnosis brings your Inner Mind into your awareness so you can take charge and use more of your mind. To get motivated, to overcome obstacles, to get insight, to stop cravings and to enhance positive emotions. Using a Hypnotist takes you deeper and you have a professional to guide you. In self hypnosis you take charge. I teach 4 kinds of self hypnosis: ‘relax relax’, strong, peace and audio tracks.

What’s important is that the conscious mind and Inner Mind can both exist in your awareness. It can be 80% conscious – 20% Inner Mind in self hypnosis. Or it can be 10% conscious – 90% Inner Mind with a Hypnotist. This also happens in real life when you are driving and you hear a song that bring back warm fuzzy feelings. The Inner Mind brings this memory into your awareness. Or your Inner Mind can send you a burst of anger at something happening at work. Your awareness can be any mixture. With self hypnosis you can influence the mixture. This blog is an online course.

For self hypnosis you don’t need to go deep. You can’t use it while you are driving but you can listen to an audio track in a safe place that will keep you in normal consciousness and provides beneficial suggestions to motive you. The ‘outloud’ audio tracks are great for this. You can also use light self hypnosis for a few seconds when a craving to eat sweets comes up or use a ‘relax’ audio track to go deeper.

Picture a tool box with tools inside. When a worker need to pound in a nail he grabs a hammer. He has tools for all situations. Self Hypnosis In Action has self hypnosis tools which you can use whenever you need one. This blog describes them.

MY BIOGarryPhoto

People say we only use a small portion of our mind. As a young boy I wondered why. I wondered what parts weren’t we using. What could we use them for. This started me on a lifelong journey to find out.

In 1981 I went to a therapist for 5 therapy sessions to learn how to deal with stress. She hypnotized me and I liked it. I saw the possibilities for change. I experienced the power of my mind. At this time I was still smoking. I went to a hypnotist to quit smoking. I laid down on a couch. He hypnotized me. I said to myself ‘ok’ but I didn’t think it did much. I walked out and I had no desire to smoke. I had quit. This astounded me. How could this happen. I had almost no withdrawals.

I became a Hypnotist in 1983. I studied at Hypnosis Clearing House with teachers Frieda Morris and Ormond McGill. Afterwards I kept working at my regular job and did hypnosis on a limited basis. I started working on how the mind works, what parts are what, how do you make changes. Ormond McGill had pasted along the Fundamental Principle of the Inner Mind to me. This was the starting point. My first ‘manual’ came out in 1984. It was 2 pages long and it was a start. I continued to work on it. My blog describes my work so far.


I now have a store which contains all of the material in one area such as Quit Smoking in one file and includes the audio tracks. You can download them. So far there are 4 – Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Achieve Your Goal, Get Stress Relief with more coming soon. Click link below.

Have a Good Day

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