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We want to add positive suggestions to our Inner Mind (subconscious).Here are some guidelines for doing that. General Principle of the Inner Mind: If the Positives in one area are stronger your Inner Mind will send you motivation, energy, strength, creative ideas, inspiration band it will do everything to help you reach your goal. If the negatives are stronger your Inner Mind will send you cravings, excuses, tiredness, doubts whatever it can to make it harder for you.


It is best to use the following guidelines.

  • Present Tense – I lose weight
  • Possible – I weight 191 pounds
  • Personal – I ……
  • Short & Simple – I get an ‘A’ on my Math exam
  • Goods Emotions – I love losing weight. I love getting an ‘A’ on my Math exam
  • Use self hypnosis if you are in a safe place

It takes time for the positive suggestions to sink deep into your Inner Mind. So it helps to repeat each positive suggestion at least 3 times when you do it. Also it helps to do them many times each day. I have around 15 positive suggestions encompassing 6 different areas and I give them to myself 4-5 times a day and 3 times for each one. It takes around 5-6 minutes each time.


Asking questions is an excellent way to get answers. Ask or write down the question many many times. Answers may come now or later.

  • Why did I do it?
  • What’s my next step?
  • What’s holding me back?
  • How do I write Chapter 7 of my book?
  • Why did I eat that junk food?
  • How can I get an ‘A’ on my Math exam?
  • Where should I go for my vacation?
  • Should I ask her out?
  • What’s my next step?
  • What’s holding me back?
  • Why did I yell at my wife?


They tell you the results of some bad habit.

  • Smoking can cause lung cancer
  • Eating too much junk food can make me gain weight
  • Watching TV instead of studying for my Math exam can keep me from getting an ‘A’
  • Drinking too much caffeine in the late afternoon can keep me up at night


They add positive suggestions to your Inner Mind and tell you what is a good thing to do.

  • Quitting smoking clears up my lungs
  • Staying on my diet helps me lose weight faster
  • Studying helps me get better grades
  • Wearing a mask while shopping helps me stay safe from covid
  • Drinking less caffeine helps me sleep better


These are especially good for helping you achieve your goal. For example, in your mind imagine yourself getting on the scale and weighing your goal weight. Or imagine yourself getting your Math exam back and getting an ‘A’ on it. Visualizations are very powerful and you can do them when you are using any of the above.

Thank You and Have a Good Day!

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