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I have been going to gyms for over 50 years. I have seen a lot of people come in, work out hard for a few weeks or months and burn out. Never to be seen again. Here are some suggestions to help you get started and develop your own exercise program.


There are so many reason I couldn’t list them all. Here are a few.

  • Weight loss
  • Lower stress (very effective)
  • Be healthier
  • Get fit
  • Have fun
  • Social
  • Maybe become competitive
  • Have more energy
  • Be able to walk up stairs better
  • Get Buffed (my goal)
  • And on & on


This is up to you. Most people have some experience in sports or have worked out when they were younger. If not pick one and try it. Perhaps take a class at a local gym. Stuck? Start by walking. Perhaps afterwards something will come to you. Remember to start slow. Check with your Doctor before starting an exercise program. Have questions email me at


Do you want to lose weight, get bigger and stronger muscles, get more flexible, burn off stress, take classes whatever you want to do set goals for yourself. In the beginning it can be general. “I lose weight”. Later maybe “I weigh 135 pounds”. Or “I complete 3 yoga classes a week”. Mine is in the area of bodybuilding. I am still working on it.

Goals should be formulated:

present tense

  • I weigh 135 pounds
  • I bench press 225 pounds
  • I do all my yoga poses
  • I run a mile in under 5 minutes
  • I work out 3 times a week at the gym



 You can be going along just fine and then an injury can crash your exercise program for weeks. Many times an injuries comes from taking too big a jump in your work out. Go slow and be on alert to prevent an injury.


You want to make your exercise program a part of your life. A beneficial lifetime habit. Set a realistic schedule and keep it. If you are saying to yourself: I don’t feel like it today or I am too tired or I don’t have the time, then just go for a short workout and do whatever you can. It’s important to go to set a routine, to go when you are scheduled. Except for injuries, emergencies, etc. After awhile you will be excited about going for a workout. Your workouts will be better and better.


  Self hypnosis can help you get pumped up, energized when needed, and finish your program. It will help reach your goals. Next Post will go into the details.

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