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How does the Inner Mind work? 

The Inner Mind also known as the subconscious is made up of your memories, habits, emotions, imagination, creativity, fun, directs body and more to be found. The Inner Mind lacks critical thinking. This means it can not tell what is true or false. A stage show is the classic example. Hypnotized people think they are ducks and quack like a duck.

It is made up of positive and negative memories, emotions, habits built up over a lifetime. In a specific area if the ++++’s are stronger, they will send you strength, peace, confidence, answers, ideas, determination and motivation. Your Inner Mind will do everything possible to help you reach your goal or make a change.

If the – – – -‘s are stronger they will bring doubts, tiredness, cravings, confusion, “I want…” anger, bad memories. It will do anything to stop you.


If the positives are stronger you will be inspired to eat less and you will want to exercise. If you have a desire to eat sweets/overeat you will shrug it off easily. You will lose weight. If the negatives are stronger you will get repeated messages to eat a candy bar, to overeat at dinner, to skip your workout. You can still lose weight but it will be a constant struggle. What are these negatives and where did they come from? Past failure, stress, anger, health issues, genes, childhood experiences are common ones.


The strategy is to add more positives and remove the negatives. Seeing a Hypnotist and using the Self Hypnosis Tools are here to do that. It can be a fluid situation especially with weight loss. You could have been eating well and losing weight when something disturbing like getting yelled at by your boss at work or having a toothache. You could then eat a snickers bar and maybe keep on eating. Then you need to get motivated and inspired again and back on track.


The Inner Mind needs direction. The conscious mind needs to be in charge. It is in the drivers seat. It gives the Inner Mind directions using the Self Hypnosis Tools as would a driver in a car. These Tools are based on how the Inner Mind works as described in the Fundamental Principle.


It contains step-by-step posts on:

  • Weight Loss – 17 posts + 3 audio tracks
  • Reach your Goals – 16 posts + 3 audio tracks
  • Stress – 7 posts + 2 audio tracks
  • Quit Smoking – 7 posts + 2 audio tracks
  • Insight – 2 posts
  • Plus more areas

Check these out when you need them.

Garry Waligore Hypnotist  website

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