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The Inner Mind is similar to what people call the subconscious mind. However everybody has a different fuzzy idea of what the subconscious mind is. If you want to use something you need to have a model of it and how it works. My concept of the Inner Mind has both. This post will help you to get to know it.

It’s Wise: It knows you from day one. It can answer questions about why you did something. It’s creative. It can help you write your novel or get an ‘A’ on your physics test.

It’s Dumb: Critical thinking is in the conscious mind so it has no way to tell if something is true or not. It can accept ideas, beliefs and suggestions that are false. Think of advertising and superstitions.

It’s Fast: The Inner Mind processes extremely fast like a computer. For example, it would take hours for you to consciously move every muscle to just walk to your car. Think of a basketball players making all those lighting fast moves.

It’s Emotional: Hearing a song from your younger days can trigger wonderful feelings. Or your boss can trigger angry feelings so strong you want to scream.

It’s a Source: You can get feelings of peace, love, strength and determination OR you can get doubts, fears or cravings for donuts.

It’s Habit: Your habits are here, the good ones and the bad ones. Here’s where you make the changes.

How It Thinks: It thinks in the present so you need to talk to it in the present. Second the Inner Mind weighs the positives and negatives and the stronger wins out. I can’t lose weight or I can lose weight. The Inner Mind will then do everything possible to make the stronger belief come true.

It Needs Direction: Both minds need to agree on the long range direction and goals. The Conscious Mind needs to be in the driver’s seat making the necessary adjustments to the Inner Mind as you go thru your busy day.

It Influences the Body: The Inner Mind influences and directs the Body. How and to what degree remains to be discovered. The Body influences the Mind. Manic-depression and Alzheimer’s are examples.

It Exists: And since it does we need to study it. To learn what’s inside, how it works, how to change it and most of all how to use it for a better life.

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