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For me it started around 1957 the year of Sputnik the first satellite in space. Advances in Science, Medicine and Knowledge all across the board gave us hope for a better world. A new era was about to unfold. I was a boy of 11 when all this was going on.

I heard that people only use a small portion of their mind. Why is this? At 11 years old I set out to learn how to use more. What areas of the mind are waiting for us to discover? The doctors keep talking about areas of the brain controlling this or that. They talk about genes and how powerful they are. They do not talk about the Mind. They are not mapping out areas of the mind. They are not even interested in ideas about this.

The Inner Mind also known as subconscious mind is the next frontier. I have made progress on how it works and how to use it for a better life. This blog contains my ideas.

What Is Hypnosis? Hypnosis brings your Inner Mind (subconscious) into your awareness so that you can take charge and use it to have a better life.


The Director, Critical Thinking, Willpower and more


INNER MIND (subconscious)
Memories, Habits, Emotions, Imagination, Creativity, Influences Body, FUN and much more to discover.

This model is still evolving. From the diagram above you can see which parts go into the Inner Mind. Take a moment to look closely and reflect on the role each one plays in your life. With all these parts how well does your mind operate now? Could there be a better way? This blog is about helping you develop a strong powerful mind which you can use to get the life you want.

The Conscious Mind usually dominates Awareness. The Director directs your day as in “It’s time to go to work” and you go. Critical Thinking tells you whether something is true or false as in 2+2=4 not 5. Willpower is used by Conscious to get the Inner Mind to do what it wants you to do. Sometimes it works sometimes it does not. Self Hypnosis is about making your willpower stronger. It can then gives suggestions to the Inner Mind so it helps you.

Your memories are stored here. Some are happy memories and some are not. They can pop into Awareness at any time as in hearing a wonderful song from your past. Habits usually just take over and do what they were made to do. Good and bad ones. Emotions like love, anger, joy, sadness can pop into Awareness when stimulated. Creativity, Imagination and Fun are in the Inner Mind and provide us a rich life. The Inner Mind is very powerful. It can help you in your life or it can work against you. What’s important is that the Inner Mind is a vast resource which you can use if you know how.

MAKING DECISIONS is part Inner Mind and part Conscious Mind. Part logic + part emotions.

The Conscious Mind usually dominates Awareness. The Inner Mind can pop in with memories, emotions, habits at any time. What’s important here is that there can be a mix of both Minds in Awareness at the same time. It can be 80% Conscious and 20% Inner Mind or 80% Inner Mind and 20% Conscious or whatever mix. When a strong emotion such as Anger comes up the Inner Mind can really dominate Awareness. When you need to come up with a marketing slogan you can bring Creativity into Awareness and develop a slogan.

I believe the Conscious Mind should be in charge of the mix of both Minds in Awareness. When you are at a beach on vacation you would want the FUN part of the Inner Mind to take up more of Awareness. So the Conscious brings in the Inner Mind to have FUN. When you are angry you want the Conscious to take over and release the Anger. When you need insight and creative ideas you bring the Inner Mind into Awareness and ask for insight and creative ideas. What’s important is being able to bring the Inner Mind into Awareness a little or a lot so you can use the Inner Mind to have a better day.

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