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Many people have goals. Here is a good start to one. The first thing is to set a specific goal. You have to know where you want to go. It helps to make it positive, personal, measurable, present tense, and possible. Some goals are easy and some are hard. We need to remove whatever is holding us back and get super motivated. So let us start with setting our goal. Upcoming will be many more posts to help you reach your goal. 


  • I am under 200 pounds
I wear a size 8 dress
I get an ‘A’ on my Math midterm
I bench press 225 pounds
  • I earn $200 today (commission for salesperson)
  • My stress turns into relax and energy
  • I finish writing Chapter 7


On a piece of paper write down your goal. Write down the costs of giving up or not making it. Then write down the benefits of reaching your goal. Ask yourself: “How will I feel when I reach my goal? Plan out and write down some practical steps you need to do to get there. Now imagine yourself reaching your goal. Plus continue listening to the audio tracks.


Many times it helps to break up your goal into mini goals. For example, if your goal is to get an ‘A’ for your Math class your mini goals can be to to get an ‘A’ on next Mondays test and then get an ‘A’ on your midterm or simply to read Chapter 7 and do the homework. This means less stress and you get feelings of success and confidence.


Smoking, biting nails, yelling at your kids, whatever bad habit you want to get rid of. Most people quit bad habits when the costs of keeping them are too high and/or they really want to quit for some reason. They reach a point where they just don’t want to continue and then a mental shift occurs and they want to stop it. Some people do it on their own and others could use some help

For bad habits we want to also emphasize the negative consequences more than we would for a general goal. We want the person to realize what they are doing to themselves, for example, smoking can cause cancer, smoking burns my throat and lungs. For Quit Smoking see the Quit Smoking Workbook and this will give you a look at how to take care of other bad habits.


Today we have the GoalSheet. It is a motivation tool and I read it every morning. Takes about 1 minute. It’s purpose is for you to focus on your goal as soon as you wake up to get inspired and stay on track. The GoalSheet file on the thumb drive has a printable copy. You can write it out or make up one on your computer. There are also Goalsheets for Weight Loss, Stress, Quit Smoking. click blog below. 

                     SAMPLE GOALSHEET

MY GOAL   ‘A’ on Nov 12 test (cross out when done and put in next mini goal)

MY OVERALL GOAL  ‘A’ in Math class





SCOREBOARD  This is a way to keep track of how you are doing. You can use any method you want. For example write down when you complete a chapter  in your book and/or grade on a test. Perhaps cross them out when finished.

Ch 8     Ch 9     ‘A’ on Nov 12 test


This is the next practical step you need for your goal. Cross it out when you complete it.

You can reach your goal. More on reaching your goal coming soon.

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