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Last week we talked about “Why did I do it?. Today we will go into “What Can I Do?” instead of doing the bad things like eating too many cookies or not studying or yelling at your wife. It helps if we have a few things to do when we are tempted to do something not good. Everything here are ideas to help you build your own plan.


  • Ask “What’s going on? Listen. Next ask “What can I do?”. Have things you can do ready (see below).
  • Signpost – See 2 paths ahead. One to the left is for doing the bad thing. See your future down this one. The one to the right is not doing the bad thing. See your future down this path. Pick your path.
  • Yell to yourself while alone
  • Go to another room and do something else
  • Call someone
  • Use self hypnosis – ‘relax relax’ and Peace self hypnosis are good
  • Use a squeeze ball
  • Give yourself a PEP Talk
  • Reward for not doing bad thing
  • Listen to mp3 track especially one of mine
  • Go for a walk
  • Let good memories come up
  • Hang Tough
  • Just say NO
  • Reflect on whether doing this bad thing will hurt others
  • Smile
  • Say something nice to person
  • If you did something bad say “I am sorry” right away
  • Having cravings to eat junk or overeat say “Do I want to stay overweight or lose weight?”
  • Go do something fun
  • Exercise
  • My Workbooks have other ideas
  • Make up your own

Doing bad things will make you feel bad. By not doing a bad thing you will feel better. By doing good things you will feel good. What’s important is to have a plan for dealing with cravings to eat, anger, rebellion, and any reason to do something bad. I hope this helps.

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