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When stress hits you it helps to have a toolbox like a construction worker where you can just pull out the Tool you need. Tools to deal with your stress or whatever you need to do. I hope these will help you. You can use them anytime anyplace. As usual you can make up your own. Here are a few more.

‘relax relax’ SELF HYPNOSIS

Just repeat the words ‘relax relax’ and imagine a wave of relaxation flow thru your body. Soon you will no longer have to imagine and it will just happen. And the cravings, stress, anger whatever will go down. You can just focus on the tense area of your body and say ‘relax relax’ and this area relaxes. To start imagine it happening. Can take time.


On the spot logical solutions to the stress of whatever you are working on, for example an idea of how to finish writing Chapter 7 of your book.


Figure out ways to lower stress levels. If getting to work on time is stressful look for ways to make it quicker and easier like preparing your lunch the night before or just leaving earlier.


Feeling some stress coming on about doing something or at any time you want? Give yourself a PEP talk and get charged up. A PEP talk is made up of positive suggestions, statements and your goal. It’s good to have 3-5 and say one or all for your PEP Talk as many times as you want. Make sure they are positive, present tense and personal. Or you can make your own on the spot like a coach would. Repeat them often. You can say these in normal consciousness or use self hypnosis.


  • I can do ___ (name whatever it is)
  • I love getting this ——- done
  • By getting this ——- done I can leave on time
  • I can go to the gym and have a good workout


See yourself going down the path of your life and you come to a crossroad. The path to the left is keeping your stress. See your future going down this path. The path to the right is the turn stress into relax and energy. See your future down this path. Now choose the right path for you. 


Before a stressful trigger see feel yourself overcoming all obstacles. Turning stress into relax and energy.


  • Audio tracks
  • Monitor your stress
  • Gym workout
  • Scream
  • Yoga
  • Meditate
  • Talk to someone
  • Find triggers
  • ‘Relax’ self hypnosis
  • Peace & Strong self hypnosis
  • EFT
  • What’s going on?
  • What can I do?
  • Costs of keeping it
  • Why do I keep it
  • Anti-Suggestions
  • Practical steps
  • Plan it out
  • Visualize
  • Find the deeper reason

 This is the last Post on Stress. I hope these Posts help you reduce your stress and have a better life. Thanks

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