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Most people are so used to their stress that it doesn’t occur to them to do something about it. You have a choice! You can keep it or you can deal with it. The Inner Mind (subconscious) needs to be aware of the costs and benefits so it can replace the – – – –‘s with ++++’s. On a sheet of paper write down the costs and benefits of stress. Here are samples.


  • worries
  • body tension
  • angry feelings
  • trouble sleeping
  • stomach problems
  • drink & smoke
  • not getting it done
  • boss shouts at you
  • you don’t get an A on your Math exam
  • Eat too much or too little


  • lot less worries
  • can do job better
  • sleep better
  • more peace
  • more productive
  • more loving
  • Happier

EXERCISE – use peace self hypnosis.

  • My shoulders, arms and hands are at peace
  • My chest and stomach are at peace
  • My back and heart are at peace
  • I am at peace

Now take a few moments to read the costs and benefits which you have just filled out. Then reflect.

The Inner Mind needs direction from you the Conscious Mind. You need to tell it the costs of keeping stress so it can see and feel the pain stress causes. It needs to see and feel the benefits so it can get motivated to turn stress into relax and energy by adding +++’s and removing – – –’s. You can do this. 

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