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Some people can set a resolution and just get up and get moving. Others struggle. Something is holding them back. Let’s see what we can do about this.


For Weight Loss you need to decide what foods to eat. The internet, reading food labels and perhaps getting food from one of the weight loss programs will help. A salesperson who wants to earn more commissions may need to learn how to make sales calls. A college student may have to learn how to read faster and absorb more material. A person at work may have to find a way to deal with a mean boss. Look at your practical steps needed and find ways to deal with them.


Past failures can be a big one. Look for them. They can be related to your goal or just failures in other areas. They build up and can be a heavy burden. Try this Tool.

  • Go into Peace self hypnosis
  • Say: My shoulders, arms and hands are at peace
  • My chest and stomach are at peace
  • My back is at peace. I am at peace
  • Reflect on your past regarding any past goal
  • Pick one incident and ask: What happened?
  • What did I learn? (in some cases that ‘shit happens’)
  • See it becoming part of your past
  • Imagine reaching your goal

          Say: Wake up to a wonderful day


You can keep your eyes open or closed. Peace is usually closed, strong open, and ‘relax relax’ can be either. First read the self hypnosis script to get an idea of what it is. Then read these lines one by one and follow what is says until you get the script in your head and then let them unfold in your mind. Deep is not needed. 


In many cases stress is a big one. When trying to lose weight stress comes up and many people deal with it by eating, smoking, biting nails. The Stress Workbook will go into this in much more depth. The idea is to turn stress into ‘relax’ to relax your body and mind and ‘energy’ if you need to get something done. When you tense or stressed try this.

EXAMPLE – Getting something done

  • Use ‘relax relax’ self hypnosis
  • Say ‘relax relax’ a few times
  • Imagine a a wave of relaxation flowing thru your body
  • Now relax and enjoy for a few moments
  • If you need to get something done you can add Energy self hypnosis
  • My chest and stomach are energized
  • My back and legs are energized
  • Energy flows thru me
  • See yourself doing whatever you need to do
  • I get it done
  • Takes only a few seconds


This is a good way to get answers. Use the question: “What’s holding me back”, or a similar one. Keep writing the question “What’s holding me back?”  8-10 times and wait for insight. The Workbooks go into greater detail.


Just ask yourself: “What’s holding me back”? (repeat a number of times) or “What’s going on?” or… whatever you question you come up with. You can do this. The Workbooks go into greater detail.


Make a list of the some of the practical steps you need to achieve your goal, on the bottom of the Goalsheet might be good. Cross them out when completed. Search for past failures that can affect you now. Use the Tool above for it. When having stress use the ‘relax relax’ self hypnosis Tool. When you have 30 seconds just ask yourself “What’s holding me back? Continue listening to the audio tracks and reading your Goalsheet in the morning.

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