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Many goals are hard to reach. You have to stay on track and struggle to get there. Something more important may come up like a medical problem and your goal may not seem important anymore. You might need to use every self hypnosis tool you have to stay on track. Make a list of the costs of giving up and think of them when you are struggling to stay on track. 

While in Hypnosis we try to keep it positive however I believe that knowing the costs of giving up or not making it are important to stop whatever is blocking our success. For example you want to eat cookies and you bring into your awareness the costs of eating those cookies and then the benefits of losing weight doing this will help you resist eating the cookies. 


  • I am overweight
  • My pants are tight
  • I look fat
  • I feel fat
  • I am fat
  • I have trouble walking up stairs
  • Losing weight is a daily struggle 
  • My health is poor


Many people give up a bad habit when the costs get too high and they have had enough of it. Many times health issues factors into this for example smoking. Make a list of all the costs of giving up or failing to reach your goal. SIMPLE yet very motivating. Read them, say them, visualize them. Nothing better to get you going again. For bad habits say them often especially before doing the bad habit.

EXAMPLE – Quit Smoking

  • I could get lung cancer
  • My body stinks
  • It’s harder to walk up stairs
  • I have a smoker’s cough often
  • My family hates it


Wow! Take a few minutes to list the benefits of reaching your goal. Which benefit excites you the most? Here is an example for Weight Loss.

EXAMPLE – Weight Loss

  • I look so much better
  • I have more energy
  • I am healthier
  • It’s easier to put my socks on
  • I can wear smaller size pants
  • I feel so much better about myself
  • I feel so good about my body
  • and more

EXERCISE When you have desires to give up or for example eat cookies think of the costs of eating those cookies and the benefits of losing weight. 

I hope this helps you.

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