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Motivation is the engine that drives you to reach your goal (resolution). When it’s strong you wake up excited about working toward your goal. You do all the practical steps that are needed that day. If any excuses and blocks come up you easily brush them aside. With it you can stay on track to your goal which means you reach your goal fast & easier. You get there as soon as possible. When it’s weak you struggle however you can still reach your goal the hard way. 

Get super motivated. Here we offer Motivation Tools that take seconds to 9 minutes to get you super motivated. You have them available whenever you need them or want them. Thinking about not going to the gym use a Tool to get motivated and go to the gym. Have a break at work do a visualization and give yourself a PEP talk. Tools are very short so you can use them most anytime just be in a safe place.

Some people get inspired and have a burning desire to reach their goal. It keeps them going strong. Many times this is due to some inspired motivation, a birthday, a friends wedding, start of summer, some event. Many people want to prove to people that they can. Sometimes the stress of reaching your goal on a certain time can be too stressful. So have a special time or not. You also can change it at any time.


  • The Signpost
  • PEP Talk
  • Visualizations
  • Deeper Inspiration
  • Before an Activity
  • Audio Tracks
  • Costs of Giving Up


For me this one is so powerful. I use this when I need to overcome a temptation to overeat.

See feel yourself going down the path of your life. You come to a signpost. The path to the left is the one for giving up or failing. The path to the right is success. Now look down the path to the left and see your future without reaching your goal. Now look down the path to the right and see your future after reaching your goal. Now choose the right path. 

I hope this helps you. For more details see my Goals, Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Stress or Positive Thinking Workbooks on my blog.

TOMORROW – PEP Talk & Visualizations

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