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It’s the time of the year to make your Resolutions. However this year we want to achieve them. In the following days there will be a series of Posts to help you achieve them. Let’s start with how to phrase them. These Posts will help you with the Mental part. 


MENTAL + PHYSICAL = Fast + Easier Achieve Resolutions

The first thing is to set a specific resolution which I will call a goal from now on. You have to know where you want to go. It helps to make it positive, personal, measurable, possible, and in the present tense (subconscious thinks in the present), and emotional (I love …..) . Some goals are easy and some are hard. We need to remove whatever is holding us back and get super motivated. So let us start with setting our goal.


  • Positive
  • Personal (I …. )
  • Measurable 
  • Possible
  • Present tense (subconscious thinks in the present)
  • Emotional (I love getting an ‘A’ on my Math exam)


  • I am under 135 pounds
  • I wear a size 8 dress
  • I get an ‘A’ on my Math midterm
  • I bench press 225 pounds
  • I earn $200 today (commission for salesperson)
  • My stress turns into relax and energy
  • I finish writing Chapter 7
  • I love being a nonsmoker


Many times it helps to break up your goal into mini goals. For example, if your goal is to get an ‘A’ for your Math class your mini goals can be to to get an ‘A’ on next Mondays test and then get an ‘A’ on your midterm or simply to read Chapter 7 and do the homework. This means less stress and you get feelings of success and confidence.

Next Post – Get Motivated


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Let’s make 2020 the year our Resolution are achieved and we have a happy 2020.

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