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What do you intent to do? This is an important question. It pays to be able to answer it. When you say to yourself your intention it helps you focus on what you intent to do. It will also keep your mind focused on getting it done.  Intentions are also stronger than affirmations. When you say them you put in motion a mental force to achieve it.

It also tells your subconscious mind what you want to do. The subconscious needs to be told what you want to do. The conscious mind is like the driver and the subconscious mind the car. When both minds work together it is fast and easier to get things done.

Take time during your day to set your intentions and you will get more done. 


  • You are at work and you want to finish on time. You could say to yourself “I intent to finish on time”. You could also visualize finishing on time.
  • You are walking into the gym and your intention is to bench press 225 pounds you could say to yourself “I intent to bench press 225 pounds today. Also do this before you try it. You can also visualize yourself doing it. 
  • You are taking your Math exam and you want to get an ‘A’. Before the exam say to yourself “I intent to get an ‘A’ on this exam” and perhaps see yourself answering the questions with ease and getting an ‘A’. You can also say your intention during the exam.


  • Right now
  • Daily
  • Family
  • Career
  • Body
  • Financial 
  • and more


Right now – I intent to finish writing the draft for this blog post

Daily – I intent to stay on my food plan today. (trying to lose 10 pounds)

Family – I intent to get the picture of Molly, Max and me today so we can make the New Year Cards to send to my sisters and friends.

Career – I intent to help people make positive changes in their life with Energy Hypnosis

Body – I intent to weigh 191 pounds

Financial – I intent to make $xxxxx next quarter


Just say to yourself “I intent …..”. Say this and mean it. Do this as often as you want. When you wake up is a good time to say your intentions especially the ones for the day. It helps to do it before you starting doing whatever you intent to do.  You can also say it while doing it. You can also go into self hypnosis and do it. 

Perhaps set some intentions for yourself today. Have a good day.

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