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Many times we go thru our busy day doing everything we need to do however many times we don’t know what’s happening inside of us where we might be stressed out, having cravings to eat, angry, OR we could be happy and joyful. Today let’s take some time to see what going on inside.

We want to know what’s going on inside so we can deal with any negative emotions and so we can feel the good ones. We want to know what’s going on with our body so we can take better care of it. Seeing the bigger picture brings us back to what is important in our life. Seeing what’s around me helps me be more mindfull.


  • Emotional
  • My Body 
  • Big Picture
  • Around me


Make sure you are in a safe place. Pick an area. Close your eyes and go inward. Ask yourself one or more of the questions for your area or you can make up your own. Ask this questions a few times or more until insight comes up. For example I am angry at George or I am ok. Reflect. You can also use self hypnosis.

You can also write your question on a piece of paper and keep writing until insight comes up. You can also do it again some other time. Note – Insight comes on it own schedule, maybe now or later.


Ask this question “What’s going on inside?” Perhaps you find out you are stressed out. Perhaps you feel good. For the negative emotions ask yourself “Why am I so ,,,,,? (put in emotion). Reflect on this  Next ask: “What can I do about this?”. My blog has a lot of answers to this question especially my Positive Thinking Workbook. What’s important is to come up with your own plan for these emotions.

You can also do this for family and friends. “My daughter Sarah is acting out what’s going on with her?”. My wife Joyce seems down what’s going on with her?” And then you can do something for them. Perhaps you might want to ask them “What’s going on?”. This question in non judgmental, not aggressive, and goes to the core of what’s going on with them.  

When is a good time to do this. You can do this anytime you are in a safe place. A really good time is when negative emotions come up: I want cookies, I need to smoke, I am so angry, I am so stressed out, how can I do this? Or when you notice you feel good so you can fully experience these good feelings.

NOTE Everything here are ideas for you to have a better life. You can use them, modify them, or make up your own. I hope they get you going on building a plan that you can use during your day. 


It’s good to find out what’s going on with your body. Questions: What’s going on with my body? Is my body ok? If not what can I do? How can I treat my body better? Am I getting enough exercise? How can I eat healthier food? What area needs some help?


Sometimes we need to look at the big picture of our life. Here are some questions. Where am I going? What’s important to me? What is my purpose in life? Perhaps ask specific questions. What’s going on with my job? What’s going on with my marriage?


Open eyes and perhaps turn your neck to the right and then do a sweep to the left focused on looking closely at everything that is there including people and things. Perhaps doing this in all directions. This helps you stay connected with your surroundings and people.


When we go inside and discover good things are happening acknowledge them and be grateful. Also be on the look out for good things happening. Each one will help you have a better day.


Using self hypnosis you go a little deeper into your mind so you can get more insight. All the Workbooks explain Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis in detail. 

Peace self hypnosis relaxes the body and mind and allows your Inner Mind to come into Awareness a little. People experience this during a massage, an engrossing movie at the theater, in a recliner listening to soft music and just before sleep.

Strong self hypnosis energizes your body and mind. I also call it Energy self hypnosis. It gets you pumped up. Competitive athletes experience it calling it the zone or whatever new term they have. 

The ‘relax relax’ self hypnosis is used when you are under stress and muscle tension. It sends a wave of relaxation down thru your body. And your stress or tension level goes down and you feel better. Or it can be just used on the one tense part of your body. I have my tension in my face muscles so I just focus on these muscles and say ‘relax relax’ and they relax. 

relax relax’ SELF HYPNOSIS

Just repeat the words ‘relax relax’ and feel a wave of relaxation flow down thru your body. And the cravings, stress, anger whatever will go down and you will feel better. You can just focus on the tense area of your body and say ‘relax relax’ and this area relaxes. To start imagine it happening.


For Peace self hypnosis you can say ‘at peace’ or ‘relaxing’ or ‘heavy’ whichever you want and use it thorough out the exercise. I use heavy. Can I use it while working? Yes it only takes a few seconds just make sure you are in a safe place.

My shoulders, arms and hands are ‘at peace’ or ‘relaxing’ or ‘heavy’
My chest and stomach are at peace
My back is at peace. I am at peace

Peace and ‘relax relax’ are interchangeable use which one you want.


My shoulders, arms and hands are ‘strong’ or ‘energized’
My chest and stomach are strong
My back and legs are strong. I am strong

EXAMPLE using Peace Self Hypnosis 

  • My shoulders, arms and hands are use ‘at peace’ or ‘relaxing’ or ‘heavy’
  • My chest and stomach are at peace
  • My back is at peace. I am at peace
  • Ask question a few times
  • Wait for insight
  • On the count of 5 wake up to a good day

Note – Insight comes on it own schedule, maybe now or later.


You can keep your eyes open or closed. Peace is usually closed, strong open, and ‘relax relax’ can be either. First read the self hypnosis script to get an idea of what it is. Then read these lines one by one and follow what is says until you get the script in your head and then let them unfold in your mind. For Peace or Strong self hypnosis you have more than one choice of words to use i.e. for strong you can use strong or energized either one is good just use the same one thru the whole self hypnosis. The Workbooks go into greater detail and give you a multitude of examples.

Note – It can take time to learn self hypnosis. However you don’t need to go deep. To start you want a feeling of relaxation for Peace and ‘relax relax’ and this is just fine. For Strong you want to feel stronger and have more energy.

Garry Waligore Hypnotist


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