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Here are some tips for a better day and to lose weight. They are from my facebook page. You can get these daily (M-F) tips follow me at


GOOD DAY TIP – Take a few moments to close your eyes and clear your mind. Ask yourself: What’s important in my life? and keep asking until you get a few answers. Perhaps try again some other time.

GOOD DAY TIP – What easy to do activity could you do to have a better today? Think about this.

GOOD DAY TIP – How is your life going so far? Reflect and find one way to make it better.

GOOD DAY TIP – Take a break and listen to some relaxing music and think of all the things you are grateful for.

GOOD DAY TIP – Try this about gratitude.1. Name 3-5 things you are grateful for, for example my wife, my dog…  2. Name 3 -5 things about your job/business/career that you are grateful for, for example: I make enough money, my boss is nice…..  3. Name 3-5 things about yourself that you are grateful for, for example: I am kind, I have a B.S. degree…. Try this anytime you want.

GOOD DAY TIP – Perhaps have a ‘be kind’ day when you are kind and helpful to people. This should make you feel better. Try it.

GOOD DAY TIP – What’s holding you back from having a good day? What can you do about this?

GOOD DAY TIP – Having doubts about doing something? Sit or lie down and clear your mind. Bring into your awareness some success of any kind in your life. Look at what you had to overcome. Now let feelings of success come up. You did it! You did It and now you can do this (be specific). This is good to help remove doubts.

GOOD DAY TIP – Are you getting enough exercise? Exercise will reduce stress, give you more energy, help lose weight, and get your body in shape and will help you have a better day.

GOOD DAY TIP – Take a few moments to see how you are treating your body. Name 1 thing you are doing that is not good for your body. Resolve to change this. Take better care of your body and you will feel better and be happier.

GOOD DAY TIP – You can see the glass as half full or half empty. If you see it a s half full you will probably see the good things happening and add them to your glass. If you see it as half empty you will probably see the bad things happening and add them to the glass and make the glass less that half empty. Either way you see it start looking for the good positive things happening in your life and soon your glass will look more than half full.


WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Sometimes losing weight can be hard. How can you make it easier to lose weight? Think about this today.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Who would you like to impress by reaching your goal weight? You can lose weight and impress people.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Before you eat say your goal 3 times and then visualize reaching your goal.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – If you have a lot of weight too lose try setting your goal in small increments. For example if you weigh 200 pounds and your goal is 145 pounds try setting your goal at 195 or 197 pounds. Next could be 190 or 193. Keep your focus on this goal. Your goal of 145 pounds may seem so far away and impossible while 195 is doable. Also each time you reach your this goal you will have a feeling of success and you will be more motivated.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Reality check. Look in a full length mirror and take a good look at yourself. This can be tough. And imagine how you will look when you reach your goal weight. Say your goal weight 3 times.   You can do it.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Having trouble? Start saying “What would it be like to weigh xxx (your goal weight).  

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Imagine yourself at a crossroad with 2 paths. The path to the left is to stay overweight. See your future going down this path. the path to the right is to lose weight and reach your goal weight. 

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Will I be happier when I reach my goal weight? Let’s see. Will I be happier when I look so much better, am healthier, it’s easier to put socks on, have more energy, clothes fit, and more? I can lose weight and be happier.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Take a moment to see your life staying overweight. Now see your life losing weight and reaching your goal. Being overweight sucks and being at your goal weight feels so good. Are you willing to do what it takes to lose weight?

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – You can lose weight. Losing weight means you are healthier. Losing weight means you look so much better. You love losing weight and being happier.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – It’s your choice to be overweight or at your goal weight. Which one do you choose? To lose weight you need to eat less until you are eating the right amount to lose weight. –  You can lose weight. Losing weight means you are healthier. Losing weight means you look so much better. You love losing weight and being happier.

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