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Would you like to have more fun? I think most people would. Many people are so busy that fun is not a priority. Having fun has many benefits: feels good, gets you away from all your busy activities, spend time with people, rejuvenate yourself, balance your life and more. And most of all it will help you have a better day. This Post will help you have more fun.


I think it would help to have fun things to do in 3 areas

  • Under 10 minutes
  • Fun by yourself   
  • Fun with people


During our busy day it helps to have fun things you can do in under 10 minutes perhaps during a work break. Some can also take only a minute to save time. Here are some ideas.

  • Read a book
  • Play a video game perhaps a mobile one
  • Continue an online chess game
  • Take an imaginary trip to a fun spot
  • Imagine having fun as a kid
  • Crossword and other puzzles
  • Solitaire
  • Tell people jokes
  • Chit chat with friends
  • Taking a walk in nature
  • Play with your dog
  • Make up a few for yourself


Many of the above will also fit into this category and you can spend more time on them. Here are some others. It’s more fun to do stuff with other people but many time you are just alone or everyone else is busy or you just want to do it by yourself.

  • Work out at gym (for me anyways)
  • Take a scenic drive
  • Watch TV
  • Build something with your hands such as a model car
  • Read a book
  • Go to the Mall
  • Take a walk in nature
  • Meditate
  • Visit a friend
  • Go to the Park
  • Make up some for yourself


There are so many ways to have fun with other people. Above and below  are some ways. 

  • Invite friends over for dinner and to play games is a good one.
  • Go with a friend to a sports game. 
  • Go swimming at the local pool with a friend. 
  • Go to a movie with a friend
  • Play with your kids
  • Play video games together
  • Play chess
  • Ask a friend what they want to do for fun
  • And more


Many people don’t know what to do to have fun especially in the 3 ways above. Next is a way to help you find fun things to do. Get paper and pen and at the top of the page write “I have fun”. Next write down and keep writing down the question below. You can also just ask this question in your mind. 

  • How can I have fun?
  • How can I have fun?
  • How can I have fun?
  • How can I have fun?  Reading my science fiction short stories (keep writing question)
  • How can I have fun?
  • How can I have fun?
  • How can I have fun?
  • How can I have fun?  Playing scrabble with my wife and soon also with dinner friends
  • How can I have fun?
  • How can I have fun?
  • \How can I have fun?
  • \How can I have fun? Going back in time to when I was a kid and having fun then
  • How can I have fun?
  • How can I have fun?
  • How can I have fun? Come up with your own ways to have fun

As you find ways to have fun integrate them into your day. Take a 10 minute break or less and have some fun. Have fun by yourself and when the opportunity comes up have fun with family or friends. I want to emphasize that having fun is important. Make having fun part of your every day. Schedule it in. You’ll have more fun and have a better day. Try it.


It can help you get deeper into the fun. It can help you relax if needed and get into the fun. It can help you get charged up for some fun like sports. Here are 3 forms of self hypnosis. For more details see the ‘Self Hypnosis Workbook’. Do the self hypnosis before you start your fun.

‘relax relax’ SELF HYPNOSIS

Just repeat the words ‘relax relax’ and feel a wave of relaxation flow down thru your body. And the cravings, stress, anger whatever will go down and you will feel better. You can just focus on the tense area of your body and say ‘relax relax’ and this area relaxes. To start imagine it happening. Takes time.


For Peace self hypnosis you can say ‘at peace’ or ‘relaxing’ or ‘heavy’ whichever you want and use it thorough out the exercise. I use heavy. Can I use it while working? Yes it only takes a few seconds just make sure you are in a safe place.

My shoulders, arms and hands are ‘at peace’ or ‘relaxing’ or ‘heavy’
My chest and stomach are at peace
My back is at peace. I am at peace


My shoulders, arms and hands are ‘strong’ or ‘energized’
My chest and stomach are strong
My back and legs are strong. I am strong

Notice they are both the same except for one is at peace and the other is strong and Strong adds the legs. Also notice they take your awareness from your mind to your torso. Away from whatever doubts, stress, anger, and desires you may be having. 

For Peace or Strong self hypnosis you have more than one choice of words to use i.e. for strong you can use strong or energized either one is good just use the same one thru out the whole set of self hypnosis.

EXAMPLE Strong Self Hypnosis to Play Ball

My shoulders, arms and hands are ‘strong’ or ‘energized’
My chest and stomach are energized
My back and legs are energized. Energy flows thru me

Now have fun.


You can keep your eyes open or closed. Peace is usually closed, strong open, and ‘relax relax’ can be either. First read the self hypnosis script to get an idea of what it is. Then read these lines one by one and follow what is says until you get the script in your head and then let them unfold in your mind. Deep is not needed. 

I can remember how much fun I had as a kid. I want to have a lot of fun now. 

Have some fun!

Garry Waligore Hypnotist


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