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Here are last week’s Good Day & Weight Loss Tips. You might want to read one a day of the Good Day Tips and one Weight Loss Tip if you are trying to lose weight. They are from my facebook page.


GOOD DAY TIP – Having doubts about doing something? Sit or lie down and clear your mind. Bring into your awareness some success of any kind in your life. Look at what you had to overcome. Now let feelings of success come up. You did it! You did It and now you can do this (be specific). This is good to help remove doubts.

GOOD DAY TIP – Today might be a good day to contact a friend or relative you haven’t seen or talked to for awhile.

GOOD DAY TIP – Most people work hard at their job, come home to cooking, cleaning and kids, all of which takes up so much time. Do you take time for any fun during your day? Fun helps balance your life and recharges your batteries. What can you do to have some fun during your day? If you are tight on time find something you can do in 5 or less minutes during your break at work. Have fun!

GOOD DAY TIP – Try this. During your day tell yourself ‘I feel good’.This is especially good when negative thoughts come up. For me I have the thought ‘I am tired’ come up a lot so I say ‘I feel good’ and I feel better. Say this and let a feeling of feeling good flow thru your body. To start imagine it happening.

GOOD DAY TIP – Reflect on what’s good in your life. Reflect on something that isn’t so good and that you can change. Resolve to change the not so good into something that is good.


WEIGHT LOSS TIP – How do you really feel about being overweight? How will you feel when you lose all that extra weight? You can lose weight. I have no doubt that you can lose weight.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – The Holidays are coming. Take a moment to decide how you want to look for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. You have time to lose some weight. Start today. Having a special day like Thanksgiving can really provide motivation for you. Also realize you will be seeing relatives and friends you might not have seen for awhile. You can lose weight.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – A binge can really set you back so watch out for it and hang tough.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Take a pen and paper and at the top put your goal weight. Next write down “Why do I want to lose weight?”. Keep writing this down. When an answer comes up write it down and continue writing “Why do I want to lose weight”. Do this about 10 or more times. We want to find an answer that is new and very motivating. Next close your eyes and wait for insight which can come now or later perhaps when you wake up in the morning. You can do this often.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – What’s going on with your weight loss program. Are you losing weight? If so give yourself a pat on the back. If not start losing weight today.

I hope you have a great week.

Garry Waligore Hypnotist


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