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Want some motivation and inspiration? Here are the last 2 weeks of Tips from my facebook page


GOOD DAY TIP – Today might be a good day to daydream about what you would like to happen. Something like losing 10 pounds or going on a vacation. You are adding positive suggestions to your mind which will help get you motivated.

GOOD DAY TIP – How is your life going so far? Reflect and find one way to make it better. 

GOOD DAY TIP – Help somebody have a good day. Perhaps smile and say something nice. Maybe they are stuck on a project at work and you can show him how to do it. Helping someone have a better day means you will have a better day. 

GOOD DAY TIP – Take a regular mental break and see how you are doing. How high is your stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, tiredness and more. By monitoring them you can then deal with it. Many times people have a high amount of these thoughts and feelings and just keep on going without even knowing they are there.

GOOD DAY TIP – When you wake up say: Today is a good day. I expect good things to happen and I will look for them.

GOOD DAY TIP – You can see the glass as half full or half empty. If you see it as half full you will probably see the good things happening today and add them to your glass. If you see it as half empty you will probably see the bad things happening today and make the glass less that half empty. Either way you see it start looking for the good positive things happening in your life and soon your glass will look more than half full.

GOOD DAY TIP – Good things happen. Look for them and you will see them. You can be having a bad day and good things can still happen and make you feel better.

GOOD DAY TIP – Smile a lot. Smiling in itself makes you feel better and helps other people feel better. So smile and spread good feelings around.


WEIGHT LOSS TIP – It’s your choice to be overweight or at your goal weight. Which one do you choose? To lose weight you need to eat less until you are eating the right amount to lose weight. You can lose weight. You lose weight. Losing weight means you are healthier. Losing weight means you look so much better. You love losing weight and being happier. 

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – What’s holding you back? Reflect. What can you do about this? Ask a number of times and at different times until you get an answer. An answer can come at any time. You can lose weight. I know you can.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Take a moment to see your life staying overweight. Now see your life losing weight and reaching your goal. Being overweight sucks and being at your goal weight feel so good. Are you willing to do what it takes to lose weight? 

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Eating too much and just can’t stop? Try this. Eat a little bit less each day until you are eating the right amount to lose weight. It may take longer but it is easier and you can do this. You can lose weight.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Having desires to eat when it’s not time to eat or overeating? Try this. Rub your belly and feel the fat. Say: by letting go of these desires this layer of fat will get smaller and smaller and I will look so much better. 

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – How much happier will you be when you reach your goal weight? You will be so much healthier, have more energy, look some much better, clothes fit better, easier to tie shoes, feel so much better. Will you be happier when all these happen? 

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – You probably already have set a goal weight perhaps now you can set a mini-goal. Sometimes your goal weight is just too far away so it doesn’t charge you up enough. Try this. Set a mini-goal which can be to lose anywhere from 2-10 pounds and focus a lot on this goal. You can do this a lot sooner and this will motivate a lot more. You will also have feeling of success and take 1 step closer to your goal weight. 

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Weigh yourself. When is the big question. I recommend 2 a week which means you have time in between to lose more weight. When I was losing weight I weighed myself on Wednesday and Sunday and I did it just as soon as I got up and before eating or drinking anything. What about everyday? You want to lose weight and also have a life and constantly thinking about what you will weigh tomorrow is no fun. Some days you may just have more water weight and gain a little making you sad and freaked out. 

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