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Here are last weeks tips from my facebook page  They will help get you motivated and inspire you. Thanks Garry


GOOD DAY TIP – Perhaps take some time to reflect on what would make a good day. Maybe doing a good job at work or finishing your to do list. This is all good however we want to expand it to things that are more personal. Perhaps helping a person do something, smiling at people so they feel better, meditating, having fun, talking with a friend, whatever you can do to have a better day.

GOOD DAY TIP – Take a moment to reflect on something that was negative for you. Ask Yourself “What was going on?”. Reflect. Then ask “What can I do next time?” After a while you will come up with things you can do next time

GOOD DAY TIP – Music. Listen to some music that is inspiring or ones that bring back wonderful memories. i love doing this.

GOOD DAY TIP – Are you getting enough exercise? Exercise will reduce stress, give you more energy, help lose weight, and get your body in shape and will help you have a better day. 

GOOD DAY TIP – It’s Saturday what can you do to have some fun? Having fun is an important way to have a good day. 


WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Being overweight sucks. It sure does. Name 3 reasons why it sucks for you. Now name 3 benefits of losing weight. Try this. Say to yourself often. Losing weight means I am healthier. Losing weight means I look so much better. I love losing weight and being happier. 

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – What’s going on with your weight loss program? How can you make it easier to lose weight? You can reach your goal weight.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – You can lose weight. Deep down you know you can. Now see yourself losing weight and reaching your goal. You can lose weight. Now do it.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Give yourself a PEP Talk. For example – I can lose weight. I lose weight. I follow my food plan today. I love losing weight and being happier. Or you can make up your own like a coach would.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Why do you want to lose weight? Name 3 reasons. Which one excites you the most. Losing weight means you are healthier. Losing weight means you look so much better. I love losing weight and being happier.


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