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Need some motivation and inspiration? Try these Tips maybe one Good Day and one Weight Loss per day. They are published daily M-F on my facebook page


GOOD DAY TIP – As you go thru your busy day take a few seconds to name what you are grateful for. This will help you feel better.

GOOD DAY TIP – How can you make your day easier. Find one way perhaps taking small short breaks, getting someone to help, finding an easier way to do something, or just doing what needs to be done. You can have a better day.

GOOD DAY TIP – Before you do something take a moment to see yourself doing and completing the task with ease and getting it done. If you can sit down, close your eyes, and clear your mind, now see you yourself doing it, getting it done, and finishing the task. May take only 60 seconds or less.  Try this and see how it works. Could lower stress.

GOOD DAY TIP – Try this. Sit down in a quiet place and clear your mind and then ask yourself “What’s going on?” and look for one thing that needs help and one thing that is good in your life. Do this often during your day and make a list of what’s good and what needs help. You will get to know yourself better which means you can then start improving these areas. Have a good day.

GOOD DAY TIP – Take a few moments to see how you are treating your body. Name 1 thing you are doing that is not good for your body. Resolve to change this. Take better care of your body and you will feel better and be happier.


WEIGHT LOSS TIP – If you are struggling to lose weight and reach your goal use the words ‘I can’. I can lose weight. I can weigh xxx pounds. I can stay on my food plan. I can …….   When you are starting or struggling the words ‘I can’ are easier for your Mind to accept and each time your Mind will become a little stronger and more positive about losing weight. Try it.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Take a few moments to rub your belly. Now realize that you can lose weight and the fat around your belly will get smaller and smaller. You can do it.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Try this. Say to yourself – Losing weight means I am healthier. Losing weight means I look so much better. I love losing weight and being happier.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Can you eat just one cookies? Beware of sugar. Besides eating too much sugar is not healthy it also makes you want to eat stuff with more of it. Look at the labels and find out how many grams of sugar is in it.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Give yourself a PEP Talk. For example – I can lose weight. I lose weight. I follow my food plan today. I love losing weight and being happier. Or you can make up your own like a coach would.

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