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Many people go thru their busy day without consciously thinking about why they want confidence or how to have it. I am a firm believer in looking at both the benefits and costs of doing or not doing something or making a change so that you will be motivated to have as much confidence as you can. This helps you develop confidence when you need it and it keeps you motivated and on track. The Confidence we are talking about is a true confidence of actually knowing how to do it and/or knowing that we can figure it out.

The conscious mind is the logical part with the Inner Mind (subconscious) the emotional part. The Inner Mind doesn’t always know the consequences of what you do. For example each time a smoker smokes he doesn’t think about that smoking can cause lung. An overweight person eating cookies usually doesn’t think about that these cookies will cause him to gain weight. So by doing the benefits and costs the Inner Mind can realize what it is doing and what it is doing to you. Let’s first look at the positive and negatives of having or not having confidence in an area.

Costs Of Not Having Confidence

  • Stress – I can’t do it. Or I don’t know how. Or I don’t have enough time
  • Focus – Too much stress to stay focused. Or I am so angry I can’t focus.
  • Eating – Perhaps eating too much or too little
  • Anxiety – What if I can’t do it? I am so worried that I won’t be able to do it
  • Tired – Too many negatives floating around in my head saps my energy
  • All of the above makes it harder to do what’s needed
  • What are your costs of not having Confidence

Benefits Of Having Confidence

  • Knowing I can do it means I don’t have to be worried before I start and during the project
  • I have more focus
  • Feel so much better
  • My life is so much easier
  • I am calmer
  • I have a better day
  • I get it done fast & easier

Last Post we looked at the Mental Part of Confidence. Today we looked at the Costs & Benefits of Confidence so that we will consciously know them so we will want more confidence. Next Post – Confidence#3 More confidence while doing the goal, change, or whatever you are trying to do.

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