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Here are some tips for a better week. Try one a day. They are also posted on my facebook page


GOOD DAY TIP – Goals – When setting your goal you can have 2 goals, one the final goal and one the mini goal. For example a person weighs 200 pounds and their final goal is 125 pounds. They can set a mini goal of 195 or 190 pounds and focus on that. When they reach that set another mini goal of 185 pounds. For a goal of getting an ‘A’ in Math you can set a mini goal of getting an ‘A’ on the quiz next Monday. For the person weighing 200 pounds reaching 125 pounds may seem overwhelming and create so many doubts about ever reaching 125 that they may just binge anyway. Yet 190 is doable and they stay on track and reach it. Great for motivation and for having less doubts.

GOOD DAY TIP – Goals – Take a moment to clear your mind. Now see where you are today in relation to your goal. Imagine you are on the path of your life with two paths ahead. The one to the left is not reaching your goal and now see yourself going down this path. What do you see and feel? The path to the right is reaching your goal and now see yourself going down the path to reaching your goal and reaching it. Choose what path you want to take. You can reach your goal. You can do it.

GOOD DAY TIP – Having doubts about doing something. Try this. Say or write down “I can (whatever you want to do)”. Do this many times. Imagine yourself doing it and getting it done right. Have a good day

GOOD DAY TIP – Having doubts about doing something? Sit or lie down and clear your mind. Bring into your awareness some success of any kind in your life. Look at what you had to overcome. Now let feelings of success come up. You did it! You did It and now you can do this (be specific). This is good to help remove doubts.

GOOD DAY TIP – Have a goal? Why do I want to reach this goal (be specific)? Keep asking yourself this question and write down the answers. Do this a number of times because you might find a really motivating one coming from your subconscious. Motivation makes it so much easier to reach your goal and can get you excited and have fun getting there. It can also help you be more creative with any practical steps you need to do.


WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Having doubts about whether you can lose weight? Try this. Bring into mind a recent success of any kind. Look at what you had to overcome. Let feelings of success come up. Tell yourself: I did this and now I can lose weight.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – How is it going? Ask yourself “How can I make it easier to lose weight”? Do this many times until you get an answer.  You can lose weight.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – How do you really feel about being overweight? How will you feel when you lose all that extra weight? You can lose weight. I have no doubt that you can lose weight.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Let’s take a look at how much better you will feel after losing all that extra weight. You will be healthier, have more energy, look so much better, easier to tie shoes, mentally stronger, and feel so much lighter. Take a moment to reflect on this and start to believe that you can lose weight and have all these great things happen for you.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Having trouble staying on your food plan each day. A food plan is what you can eat, when, and how much. Try this. Let your goal for the day be: “I follow my food plan today”. This may be easier because your time frame is only 1 day and all you have to do is follow your food plan and not worry about losing 5-10 by xxx date.

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