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Ready for some motivation and insight then read these Good Day and Weight Loss daily tips from my Facebook page.


GOOD DAY TIP – Bad Memories#6 – Try this. Listen to music of that era especially some music you listened to while you were having a hard time. Let the music come over you and out. Feel what was going on. Realize this is part of your past and over with. Now think of the good things in your life now. Do this many times to let go.

GOOD DAY TIP – Bad Memories#7 – When a bad memory comes up look at this younger you and imagine yourself going back in time and talking to him as a loving parent or friend would. Console him, give some guidance and support. When you come back to present time think about all the good things in your life now.

GOOD DAY TIP – Bad Memories#8 – When a bad memory comes up ask yourself: “What was going on? and wait for answers. After this ask yourself: “What did I learn” and reflect. Sometimes you just learned that ‘shit happens’. Bring yourself back to the present and name somethings you are grateful for.

GOOD DAY TIP – Bad Memories#9 – Acknowledge what happened. Let it out. Cry, scream, swear, let it flow out however you can.

GOOD DAY TIP – Goals – Here are some tips for setting your goal. The first thing is to set a specific goal. You have to know where you want to go. It helps to make it positive, personal, measurable, possible and in the present tense (Inner Mind thinks in the present). Some goals are easy and some are hard. We need to remove whatever is holding us back and get super motivated. So let us start with setting our goal.


I am under 200 pounds
I wear a size 8 dress
I get an ‘A’ on my Math midterm
I bench press 225 pounds
I earn $200 today (commission for salesperson)
I finish writing Chapter 7


WEIGHT LOSS TIP – It’s Summer and time for BBQ’s and parties. Try this. Before you go to one make a plan about how much to eat. See yourself doing this. While there watch your eating and stay on your plan. If you eat too much in the beginning eat less later on. Perhaps you can eat a little more but watch out for a pig out.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Today think about all the good things that will happen when you reach your goal weight. You will be healthier, have more energy, look so much better, plus +++. Also realize that the struggle to lose weight will be over.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Why do I want to lose weight? Keep asking yourself this question and reflect on answers when they come up and then ask the question again. Do this 10 or more times in one sitting. Also do it until some new reasons come up. You can also write the questions down. Other questions you can use and think about – Why do I want to weigh xxx pounds? Who do I want to impress? How do I want to look 6 months from now? How can I make it easier to lose weight? How much happier will I be when I reach my goal weight? I hope this helps.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – How much happier will you be when you reach your goal weight? You will be so much healthier, have more energy, look some much better, clothes fit better, easier to tie shoes, feel some better. Will you be happier when all these happen?

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – How much do you love losing weight? 


My bad memories post is up and ready to help you with any bad memories. Here is the link.


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