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Here are last weeks Good Day and Weight Loss Tips. I hope they help you have a better day. They are posted M-F on my facebook page


GOOD DAY TIP – During your day take time to just daydream, to imagine. See feel whatever you want. Practical things like reaching a goal, having more money, getting an ‘A’ on your math test, passing your driving test. Or activities like swimming, going to a movie with a friend, taking a vacation whatever you want to do.

You can even go as far as daydreaming about ‘world peace’, See feel whatever you want happening and feeling good about this. Awakening your imagination. Having fun.

Take time to reflect. Solving daily problems while daydreaming.  Get bursts of creativity with ideas. Great for writers. Garry

GOOD DAY TIP– Bad Memories#3 – So far when a bad memory comes up we talked first about letting a good memory come up and second making the bad memory into a positive rerun. Today we will talk about switching to thinking about a goal or change we are working on. When the bad memory comes up switch to a goal and imagine the goal happening. For example my goal for weight loss is to have my slim pants fit loose so when a bad memory comes up I can right away think of myself putting on my slim pants and they fit loose. 

GOOD DAY TIP – Bad Memory#4 – When a bad memory comes up move your body perhaps walk to the next room, squeeze one of those squeeze balls, get up and go anywhere and the memory will fade away. Garry

GOOD DAY TIP – Bad Memory#5 – When one comes up think about something you like to do or want to do like going to Hawaii or doing something with the family. Imagine the colors and shapes, touch and feel, what sounds you will hear for whatever you are doing. Let good feelings come up and have fun like you did as a kid. Garry

A Bad Memories Post will come out soon.


WEIGHT LOSS TIP – When you have a desire to eat junk or overeat try this. Rub your belly and next imagine yourself at your goal weight. You can lose weight. Garry

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Struggling? Ask yourself : “Why is it so hard for me to lose weight?” Write it down and then write it again. When an insight comes up write it down and then go on and write the question again. Write question about 10 times. Reflect on any insights. Next write down the question: “How can I make it easier to lose weight?” about ten times. Do this process many times over the next few days until you find enough insight. Garry

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Try this. Within you a new person is growing, one that is at your goal weight and stays there. Feel this you growing within you and soon will fill you up and then you will lose weight and reach your goal weight. Garry

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Losing weight can be tough however all you have to do is eat less. The formula for losing weight is to eat less until you are eating the right amount to lose weight. You can also eat less junk and more of healthy foods and also exercise. Garry

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – For motivation try this. Give yourself a PEP Talk. Have affirmations perhaps 3-5 you can say to yourself during your day especially when you are tempted. Make then present time (subconscious thinks in the present), personal (I, my), realistic, emotional (I love losing weight). Here is a sample: I can lose weight. I love losing weight. I follow my food plan today. I weigh xxx. Take some time to make up some for yourself. You don’t have to use the same ones all the time and you can just say one a number of times. Or you can make them up on the spot like a coach would. Garry

Perhaps leave a comment about how these tips help you.

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