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Need some inspiration and motivation check out these tips. I posted ythem on my facebook page M-F.


GOOD DAY TIP – Bring into your awareness a good memory when you were a kid and imagine being this kid again. Garry

GOOD DAY TIPWhat can we do to have fun? Reflect on what activities you could do. Find ones you can do at work in a few moments, ones with other people, places to have fun. Perhaps change your life by having some fun doing your normal activities and still getting the work done. It doesn’t have to be the thrill fun of riding a roller coaster but a nice sense of having fun doing something. But I’m too busy? Make time for some fun. Make a list of fun things that take a small amount of time. Balance your life. Garry

GOOD DAY TIP – Walking to your car, your house, or just walking your dog is a good time to connect with the planet earth. Look at the trees as they come out of the earth, the sky, any animals. It will take you out of your worries and concerns and give you moments of wonder and pleasure. Garry

GOOD DAY TIP – Bad Memories#1 – Try this. When bad memories come up let a good memory come up instead. Come up with a number of good memories so you can use that right away. Garry

GOOD DAY TIP – Bad Memories#2 I was on the high school wrestling team but I didn’t do too well. When a bad memory about that came up I thought of winning my matches. After a while the bad memory goes away and I feel better and I think more positive. This is based on how the subconscious mind works. Garry

Move on Bad Memories coming next week


WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Become more aware of your fat around your body. Next become aware of your real body beneath the fat. Now imagine the fat floating away, or melting away, or turning into energy, whatever picture you want to use. Soon you will reach your goal weight and your spirit will soar. You can do it. Garry

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Who do you want to impress with your weight loss? Where do you want to show off your new body? When will it happen? Knowing the answers will help get you motivated. Garry

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Some days can be tough. Try this. Start thinking of your goal and how much better you will look, how much healthier, more energy, clothes fit better, and you will be happier. You can get thru the tough days and lose weight. Garry

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Having cravings or desires to eat junk or overeat? Try this. Ask yourself: Do I want to stay overweight or lose weight? I hope this helps. Garry

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Are you losing weight? If you are then give yourself a pat on the back. If not start today. Garry

NEXT POST  Who am I? Who do I want to be? coming wednesday.

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