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Our job, family, education, fitness, size are some of many areas that define who we are. This Post will deal with how we treat people. Whether we are mean, indifferent, or kind to people. We want to be nicer to people and help ourselves have a better day. This can be family, friends, coworkers, and people you just interact with. Let’s get started.


  • say mean things to them
  • pay no attention to them
  • don’t show them how to do something you know how to do especially at work
  • don’t ever call friends or text them or go see them
  • spread bad gossip about them
  • and more


  • kind
  • say nice things to them
  • smile at them
  • help them with a problem  
  • be compassionate
  • invite them to do something fun
  • call or text them
  • and more


Go thru each one of the above areas and reflect on how you treat people. Reflect on how you doing one of the bad areas affects other people. Next reflect on how doing the good areas will make people feel better and realize how you will feel better. 

How can we start treating people better. Pick one or more of the good areas and start doing better. Perhaps say nice things when you interact with people. Perhaps help them with something they need help with. Perhaps invite friends over for dinner. Perhaps smile at people when you walk by. As you do more you will begin to feel better and you will realize how much better the people feel. And you will have more friends and better interactions with people. 

Treat people like you would want to be treated.

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