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A reason to grieve can come at any time without any warning. Perhaps a mother dying, getting laid off from work, going to jail, going bankrupt, and many other ways. There is a Therapy way to let go of grieve and it is good. Here is a different way and it can also be a supplement to the Therapy way. Do the below whenever you want and as many times as you want and for as long as you want and in any order you want.

Good Memories – Bring up good memories of this person especially while she was healthy. See you and her doing fun things, being with family and friends, doing fun things. Perhaps write down some good memories.

Talk To Her – In your own mind see her and talk to her especially saying how much you loved her or how good a friend she was. Perhaps she will talk back.

Cry – Let the feelings come out: cry, see feel the feelings flowing out, swear, whatever works for you.

Keep something that was hers if possible. When my brother Mike visited us he left a jacket and I kept this so that when I see it I think of a good memory of us.

Face it – Sometimes while people grieve they can take up some negative behavior like eating too much, drinking more often, lashing out, and other behaviors they wouldn’t normally do. 

Accept It – shit can happen.

Say goodbye to her, your job, or whatever it is. See yourself waving goodbye. 

Realize she is now part of your past and part of you. 

Look ForwardSet a goal, take an online course, meet a new friend, get a dog, take a vacation whatever works for you.

EXAMPLE – Person dying

  • My shoulders, arms and hands are relaxing
  • My chest and stomach are relaxing
  • My back is relaxing
  • Relaxation flows thru my body
  • Let good memories of her come up
  • Talk to her
  • Let feelings come out
  • Face it
  • Accept it
  • Say goodbye
  • Realize she is now part of your past and part of you
  • Look forward to something


This is the beginning of a happier life. I hope it helps and please email your results and suggestions. 

Garry Waligore Hypnotist


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