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Need some motivation and support? Here are my tips from my facebook page.


GOOD DAY TIP – Work – This will get you charged up and focused on work. Try it for a week. It takes less than 10 seconds. See if it helps. You can use anytime anywhere at work. It is especially good as you walk into work. Garry

What is your intent for today? It could be to sell 200 widgets today. To ship out all the orders. To complete all the assignments. To not get angry. To be nice to customers. Whatever your intent is name it. As you walk from your car to work say this.

  • My shoulders, arms and hands are strong.
  • My chest and stomach are strong.
  • My back is strong. I am strong.
  • Say my intent 3 times
  • See it happening.
  • Say I have a good day at work.

GOOD DAY TIP – Imagine someone you love in the room with you and have a good time with them. Garry

GOOD DAY TIP – What is important today? Reflect on this to find out what is really important. In three months what do want to be different about your life? Make a list. Garry

GOOD DAY TIP – When we are walking, sitting, driving, anytime anywhere we are doing it on this planet earth. We are on a planet that is spinning around the sun. Yet we don’t notice it. Try this: when you walk outside see and feel the earth beneath you. How solid it is. How it goes for thousands of miles. Feel the energy coming up from the earth and passing thru and relaxing your body. Garry

GOOD DAY TIP – Notice The Good Many think the glass is half empty and notice bad things that back this up. Life is better when you notice the good things. When you wake up and any time during your day say: “Today is a good day. I expect good things to happen. I notice them”. Perhaps something as simple as a beautiful summer day or your boss may say something nice to you. Look for the good things and be happy. Garry


WEIGHT LOSS TIP – How do you want to look this summer? Now see your future staying overweight this summer. Now see your future looking really good this summer. It’s your choice. Now pretend that you are walking down a sandy beach in the warm sun looking really good and feeling really good. You can do it. Garry

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Reality Check – Rub your belly and feel the extra weight there. By losing weight this layer of fat will get smaller and smaller and you will be able to wear a smaller pant size. By losing weight you are healthier. By losing weight you have so much more energy. You love losing weight and being happier. Garry

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – When you have a desire to eat junk or overeat try this. Ask yourself: “Do I want to stay overweight or do I want to lose weight?” – You can lose weight. You can lose weight. You can do it. Garry 

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Part of losing weight is the mental part where your Mind takes charge of your eating. Losing weight is part mental and part physical. My blog has a Workbook on Weight Loss. Garry

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Why do you want to lose weight? Today let’s get in closer contact as to why we want to lose weight. This will help for motivation. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Ask yourself: “Why do I want to lose weight?” and keep asking this question. When you have an insight make a mental note of it and then start asking the question again and again. Hopefully you will find some new reasons why you want to lose weight. You can also do this by writing the questions a pad of paper. Garry

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