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When you feel better you think more positive. Here are some tips for you to feel better and think more positive during your day. Try these and see how it works for you. As usual you can modify them, just use the ones you want, make up your own, or go online to find other good ones. Have a good day.

Gratitude – Name what you are grateful for and a good way to do this is to write them down and have about 5-10. Do this often especially when waking up.

Smile A smile itself will help you be so much more positive and happier and you will transfer positive feelings to other people.

Break – during a break do a fun visualization of walking on a beach in the warm sun or anywhere else you want to go or doing anything you want to do. Perhaps visualize yourself reaching your goal or having fun with your family or whatever you like to do.

People – When meeting people smile and imagine good feelings flowing from you to them and you will probably have a much better interaction. You can also give them positive suggestions for example when they are having a hard time doing something you can say ‘you can do it’ and perhaps give them some suggestions on how. This will help people feel better and feel better about you.

Meditation – This is really good for you. There are so many ways so do whatever works for you. I do Peace self hypnosis and then breathe thru my nose and feel the air coming in and out thru my nostrils for about 5 minutes each day..

Walk Outside  – Wow! This one is so good. Try it where there is some nature like trees, grass, or open space. I live in a heavily wooded area and I have a dog so I do a lot of walking among the trees.

Self Hypnosis Before Eating You can come home for dinner stressed and tired and self hypnosis can help you shift from this to having a really good dinner. You can use Peace or Strong self hypnosis.

Example eyes open or closed

  • My shoulders, arms and hands are at peace, or heavy, or relaxing (choose one word)
  • My chest and stomach at peace
  • My back is at peace
  • I am at peace
  • Open eyes and look closely at your fellow diners and let good feelings flow to them
  • Look closely at your food and notice the colors and shapes.
  • Say to yourself: This food tastes so good and is so satisfying
  • Eat
  • While eating be aware of chewing the food and it’s taste

Be Aware – Sometimes we go thru the day trying to get so much done that we don’t stop and smell the roses.

  • During your day take a few seconds to look closely at what’s around you. Turn your neck to one side and then do a sweep and look at everything and notice especially the people around you. This takes a few seconds and can be done many many times during your day.
  • Monitor your stress, anxiety, anger, whatever feeling comes up so you can become more positive. See Stress Workbook. Look for good things happening and feel them. When you go to sleep perhaps go over them.
  • Help People – If you can help someone especially family, friends, and coworkers do whatever you can to help them. You will then feel better yourself and more positive. Helping people makes me feel better and more positive.
  • Fun – Having fun will make you feel better which means you will be more positive. Try to have some fun each day.
  • Make Up Some Of Your Own

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