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I think everyone has some bad memories and they can make you sad and more negative. So what do we do? Here are 5 ways.

PLAN A  Make a list of 5 or more good memories in detail. Whenever the bad ones comes up think about a good one right away. Some of my good memories are playing sandlot baseball as a young kid with my friends, getting a lionel train for Christmas when I was 6 years old, going to a Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young concert, the first time I saw Molly my wife, having a giraffe eat out of my hand. So when a bad one comes up just daydream about one of your good memories.

PLAN B  Let them play out in your mind for a few moments and ask yourself: “What was going on?” after awhile ask:”What did I learn?” Perhaps sometimes you may learn something valuable and sometimes you may learn that ‘shit happens’. Next let a good memory come up.

PLAN C  Visualize reaching your goal, or walking on a sunny beach in Hawaii, or having fun with your family, or whatever is good.

PLAN D  When a bad memories think of a good outcome instead of the bad that happened. For example I was on the wrestling team in high school but I didn’t do to well. When this bad memory comes up I quickly see myself winning the State Championship. 

PLAN E  If bad memories are overwhelming you, causing you a lot of pain, and/or keeping you from your normal life you might want to go to a Doctor, Therapist or Hypnotherapist to help you with them.


You can also use self hypnosis when you have time to make it more powerful. Use ‘relax relax’ or Peace self hypnosis.

  • My shoulders, arms and hands are at peace
  • My chest and stomach are at peace
  • \My back is at peace.
  • A feeling of peace flows thru me
  • Use one of the plans above

Self Hypnosis really helps you and you can do it yourself and it is free. Online it might be harder to learn self hypnosis however all you need is a light feeling of ‘peace’ or ‘strength’ or feeling of ‘relaxation’ coming over you. Just say the script slowly and let the feelings come over you. The audio tracks also are self hypnosis.

Garry Waligore Hypnotist

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