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Stuck? Need to get started? Some tasks just seem too difficult to do. So what can we do? We will focus on helping you do the next step so you get started and get moving. This exercise can help you at work, school, family, lifestyle changes, and many other areas. You can also use Peace, ‘relax relax’ or Strong self hypnosis which will help you get better results.

A.  Visualize, imagine, daydream, or picture yourself completing whatever you are working. Do this often. Tell yourself you can do it.

B.  Sit or lay down and clear your mind and look at what you have done so far.

C.  Ask yourself “What is my next step?” over and over and over.

D.  If needed use automatic writing. Start by writing down what you what to accomplish for example weight loss, and ask “How can I finish Chapter 7 what is my next step?”, or simply “What is my next step?.

  • What is my next step?  
  • What is my next step?
  • What is my next step? insight – keep healthy low cal snacks around (keep writing question)
  • and on and on maybe 8- 12 times.

E.  Insight comes on it’s own schedule so the answer to “What is my next step” can take time. Do this a number of times until you get some insight.

F. You may come up with more than 1 Step, great.

G. See yourself completing the Step and completing whatever you are working on.

H. Still waiting for the next step? When you go to bed think of the project and ask yourself a few times “What is my next step?” and then see yourself finishing the project. The next morning you may receive insight.


For the next step of something you are trying to do, a video game with a friend, watching an exciting movie on TV, or eating at a dinner party, you can use self hypnosis to enhance your experience. Strong self hypnosis for a video game, perhaps Peace or ‘relax relax’ for watching a movie, and either one before eating. Afterwards you can relive good things by imagining them happening and having good feelings come up.

EXAMPLE – Starting workout at gym

  • My shoulders, arms and hands are strong or energized
  • My chest and stomach are strong
  • My back and legs are strong. I am strong
  • I complete all my exercises
  • I have a really good workout
  • Now I start working out

Garry Waligore Hypnotist


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