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Years ago I had to lose 60 pounds. In the beginning my thoughts were: ‘I can’t do it’, I’m tired and too old’, ‘I have to eat those cookies on the counter’, ‘I am so stressed I need to eat something’, ‘I am so fat and will always be fat’. ‘I can’t do it’. All these thoughts made it harder to lose weight and were a great mental burden which seemed to crush me. Garry

By using the steps in the Weight Loss Workbook my negative thinking started to change to positive thinking and I began to lose weight and feel so much better. My negative thoughts turned to positive thoughts like ‘I can do it’, ‘I love losing weight’, ‘Wow I lost 8 pounds in the last 4 weeks’, ‘ I can just walk by those cookies on the counter’ and ‘I have more energy, joy, peace, and more. It was good.

It’s your choice you can continue to be bombarded with negative thoughts or be happier with positive thoughts. Whether it’s about being overweight, stress, smoking, school, work or negative thinking many people don’t realize the costs of these behaviors. Each time a smoker smokes he doesn’t think about how it might cause lung cancer he just smokes. They just live their life and ignore it, deny it, or just put up with it which means it just keeps happening.

Many people make positive changes when they realize the costs of a negative behavior. Here is me Garry’s example. As I got older caffeine started to make me anxious, it was hard to sleep, and upset my stomach. So I quit and once in a great while I have a desire to have caffeine but I realize that caffeine means being anxious, having trouble sleeping, and an upset stomach. I realize the costs are too high and so I didn’t have any caffeine. So what are the costs of negative thinking?

Some Costs of Negative Thinking

  • think bad things will happen
  • bad memories popping up
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • harder to do things
  • sadness
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • harder to lose weight, quit smoking, reach goals…
  • most of all it means a lot less happiness

Some Benefits of Positive Thinking

  • more energy
  • get more done
  • easier to lose weight, …
  • better karma
  • nicer to people
  • visualize what you want to happen
  • more peace and joy
  • help others
  • more vigor
  • and most of all you will be happier

EXERCISE Make a list of the costs and benefits for yourself. Now see yourself at a crossroad in your life. The path to the left is to keep your negative thinking. See your future down this path. The path to the right is to think positive. Now see your future with positive thinking. It’s your choice.


You can replace negative thinking with positive thinking and be happier. The first step is to become aware of it and as you go thru your day look for negative thinking and recognize it for what it is. Start now becoming aware of negative thinking.

Garry Waligore Hypnotist

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