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Many times people have negative thoughts come up and we can talk back to them. I am too tired. I can’t do it. Why did I do that? Here are some ways to counteract these thoughts by adding positives. First use positive suggestions and here are some guidelines.

Positive – I can do it. Energy flows thru me. 

Present tense – Your Inner Mind thinks in the present so you need to talk to it in the present. I can lose weight. I lose weight.

Personal – I can lose weight. I am losing weight.  use the personal ‘I’

Realistic – For example perhaps don’t use I earn $250,000 this year when you made $45,000 last year. Unless you have some brilliant idea that’s ready to go.

Simple – Yes keep it simple, not long sentences

Emotional – I love losing weight.


Here are some suggestions for what you can do when the negative thoughts come up.

  • Turn negative into positive – I can’t do it into I can do 
  • Bring up a good memory
  • Give yourself a PEP talk for your goal
  • Daydream about your goal
  • Visualize going a on a wonderful trip perhaps to Hawaii
  • Use self hypnosis with a TOOL
  • Use Energy self hypnosis see below


You can use positive suggestions at any time and not just when negative ones come up. This is especially important to stay motivated and on track to your goal. You can just say them to yourself or write them down or use self hypnosis with a TOOL and say them. You can listen to an audio track which will do this for you. You can daydream about your goal or an imaginary trip to Hawaii. You can use self hypnosis to relax or get energized. You can add them just like you did for the negative thoughts. The other Workbooks go into the details, for example for a goal you would read the Goal Workbook, to lose weight the Weight Loss Workbook.


If you have thoughts of being tired you will stay tired and do you really want this. Of course not. Then it’s time to fight back. I was walking my dog Max the other day and I had thoughts of how tired I was and actually felt tired. I then told myself: I am strong and energy flows thru me and I felt stronger with more energy. Or you can use Energy self hypnosis. Remember takes time. 

  • Say – My shoulders, arms and hands are getting energized
  • My chest and stomach are getting energized
  • My back and legs are getting energized
  • Energy flows thru me


If you think you can’t then you probably won’t. Start telling yourself ‘I can’ for your goal or change. I can quit smoking. I can get an ‘A’ on my Math exam. I can lose weight. These words will give you more confidence and help you do it. Say these words out loud or to yourself. Visualize yourself getting it done. Do this during a work break, while waiting in line, before studying, anytime anywhere. Also use the Success method below.

Self Hypnosis ‘Success’ Method

While your failures can be discouraging, your successes can be super motivating. Look over your life for your accomplishments. Bring into your mind a success of any kind that you had. Look at the difficulties you had to overcome. See feel yourself having these positive feelings of success. You can also use Peace self hypnosis.

  • Say – My shoulders, arms and hands are ‘at peace’ or ‘heavy’ or ‘relaxing’.
  • Use either of these words and use the same one throughout the script
  • My chest and stomach are relaxing
  • My back is relaxing. 
  • I am relaxing
  • Now bring up a past success and see what was happening
  • Look at what I had to overcome
  • Let feelings of success come up
  • I did this and now I can reach my goal (put in your goal)
  • See feel yourself reaching your goal
  • Say: On the count of 5 wake up to a good day.


You can keep your eyes open or closed. Peace is usually closed, strong open, and ‘relax relax’ can be either. First read the self hypnosis script to get an idea of what it is. Then read these lines one by one and follow what is says until you get the script in your head and then let them unfold in your mind. Deep is not needed. For Peace or Strong self hypnosis you have more than one choice of words to use i.e. for strong you can use ‘strong’ or ‘energized’ either one is good just use the same one thru the whole self hypnosis.

The Post on Hypnosis will give you the details on self hypnosis.

Garry Waligore Hypnotist

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