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Positive thinking is about letting go of the negative thoughts in your mind and replacing them with positive ones.

  • It is about seeing the glass as half full and see it filling up during the day.
  • It is about developing good habits to automatically think positive.
  • It is about being creative to get things done.
  • It’s about helping people.
  • It is about having balance in your life between work, family, chores, relaxation, fun, and more.
  • It is about dealing directly with negative emotions like anger, grief, stress etc.
  • It’s about being grateful for what you have.
  • It is about having more energy, more peace and joy, and a happier life.

A happier life that is what Positive Thinking is all about. I think everyone would like that. This Workbook will help you get there. Also be aware that it can take some time and effort to build a structure of Positive Thinking. Let’s get started.


Below is a list of some of the areas we will cover.

  •  I am too tired  →  I am energized
  • I can’t do it → I can
  • I don’t know how  → I know the next step
  • Anger and stress → peace
  • I am grateful
  • I help people
  • I notice good things happening
  • I receive insight
  • I use visualizations to shape my future
  • I turn bad memories into part of my past
  • I become happier
  • and more


Why do some people see the glass as half full and others see it as half empty? Perhaps the people who see the glass as half full see it half full of good things. Maybe the people who see it half empty see it half empty with bad things. As a person grows up their Inner Mind (subconscious) starts filling up with good memories and bad memories. The good memories help make you more positive and happier. The bad memories if they are not diffused will help make you more negative and sadder.

There are other factors here. Physical health – for example a low thyroid will make you tired, perhaps chronic back pain, or cancer. Mental health – being bipolar. Growing up – Perhaps your family had 9 kids and your father was a janitor and you were poor and parents didn’t have much time to spend with you, or maybe a parent was abusive, or maybe you were bullied at school, all of these can add up. Perhaps you graduated from college in 1968 and got drafted right away into the Army. There are a lot of negatives that can add up. However these negatives can be diffused so they cause a lot less pain and negativity and the Positives will grow stronger.


This takes time – It takes time for the positive thoughts to sink in. Each time you listen to the audio tracks and use self hypnosis and go thru the Workbook the positive thoughts become stronger. Soon your mind will fill up with positive thoughts and your life will blossom. Your life will blossom

We want to notice the good things when they happen for example, our boss says something nice and we get good feelings. We want to deal with the bad things when they come up and let them go. We then start seeing the glass as more than half full and that our life is full of good things and we are happier.

Look for the good things. For example, while you are working your boss says ‘good job on that report’, or your coffee tastes really good today, or the sun is shining, and when they happen bring your awareness to the good thing and take it in with as many senses as you can. Right now it’s raining outside (this is CA so raining is a good thing) I see it, I hear it, I stick my hand out (I’m in my garage) and feel it bouncing on my hand.


Your Inner Mind (subconscious) is very powerful. It can help you have a better life or it can do everything it can to stop you from having a good life. It contains your memories, habits, emotions, fun, inspiration, imagination, habits, creativity and controls bodily functions are in it. It can send you desires and cravings, bad memories, guilt, tiredness, anger, anxiety, depression OR it can send you motivation, confidence, inspiration, good habits, and excitement. What we want to do is have the Conscious Mind and the Inner Mind work together so it sends us motivation, confidence, inspiration, determination, good habits, excitement and we are happier.

Let’s work together. Think of your Inner Mind as a car. The Conscious Mind is the driver and the Inner Mind (subconscious) is the car. The Conscious Mind needs to tell the Inner Mind what you want to do, where you want to go, that it’s time for some fun, work on this, these are my goals, here is my to do list. And like a car you need to take care of it.

Like a car you need to give direction to the Inner Mind. You can learn how to give it positive suggestions, how to overcome blocks, get motivated, get inspired, have more fun, peace and joy. Like driving you need to learn how to drive it and take care of it. Like driving a car you would keep it on the path to wherever you are going.

Take charge also means using the resources of the Inner Mind. For example getting motivated to lose weight, getting inspired to finish writing Chapter 7, to take an imaginary trip to Hawaii during a work break for R&R, to remember answers when taking your Math exam, to relax when stressed. It is about reducing the negatives and amplifying the positives until your Inner Mind fills up with positives and you are happier.


Your Inner Mind judges ideas such as I can… and I can’t…. by which one is stronger and then it will do everything to make that one happen. Let’s look at weight loss. You Inner Mind can be a mixture of ‘I can lose weight’ and ‘I can’t lose weight’. If the ‘I can lose weight’ is stronger your Inner Mind will send you motivation, inspiration, confidence, and do whatever it can to help you lose weight. If the ‘I can’t lose weight’ is stronger the Inner Mind will send you cravings and desires to eat, doubts, tiredness, and it will do everything to keep you from losing weight. You can still lose weight but it will be a daily struggle.

What are the ‘I can lose weight’ and ‘I can’t lose weight’ made up of. They are made up of past successes and past failures especially around weight. They are made up of your habits around food, good habits and bad. They are made up why you want to lose weight and how strong these reasons are. They are made up of how much emotional eating you do.

If you want a better life then it’s time to take charge of your Inner Mind. Notice I say take charge and not control because you can’t control it and you won’t want to. This Post will focus more on adding positives and discharging the negatives as they come up. Other Workbooks and Posts deal with the other areas.


Here are some reasons.

  • Having positive thoughts instead of negative ones
  • Get motivated to reach goal fast and easier
  • Get inspired
  • Less stress
  • Be creative to write a book, come up with ideas, find next step
  • Imagine taking a trip to Hawaii for R&R
  • Having more fun
  • Have good memories instead of bad ones
  • Be able to grieve
  • Be grateful
  • Less anxiety
  • More peace and joy
  • More strength and energy
  • Lose weight if you are overweight
  • Quit smoking
  • Your own personal reasons


We need to add positives and we can do this at anytime or when the negatives come up. We want to discharge the negative ones until the positives are stronger. Now some areas can be positive while some can be negative. For example your weight may be perfectly fine but you smoke, or you get angry a lot, or you are rude. As we keep adding positives more areas become positive and you become happier. It takes times for the positives to build up and become stronger than the negatives. Here are ways to do that.

Start By Monitoring Your Thoughts

Monitor and become aware of negative thoughts and feelings when they happen and deal with them. For example many people get stressed out and they just continue on with whatever they are doing and stay stressed out and don’t deal with it or perhaps don’t even know how high their stress is. We want to recognize stress right away and deal with it. When bad memories come up we want to recognize that they are here and have a way to deal with them.

More details coming.


  • Intro + mp3
  • How To Talk To Yourself
  • Have More Fun
  • Relaxation
  • Anger
  • Confidence
  • Bad Memories
  • Grief
  • Adding Positives
  • Hypnosis
  • It’s Your Choice
  • Visualizations
  • What Is My Next Step
  • Be Happier + More Positive
  • Daily Life
  • Letting Go of Negative Emotions

Garry Waligore Hypnotist

copyright May 5, 2019


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