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This weeks Weight Loss Tips from my google page

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Reality check – Take a moment to rub your belly and feel the extra weight. Now realize that you do not need this extra weight and it serves no purpose on your body. You can let go of this extra weight and feel so much lighter, healthier, look so much better, and be happier.. Garry 

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – How often do you weigh yourself? I weigh myself on Wednesday & Sunday and that gives me time to lose some weight for the next weigh-in. For example say a person weighs 198.8 pounds on Wednesday and then they make their Sunday goal 197 something pounds anything that says 197. They could lose more but the point here is to set a goal, give yourself some time, and reach it and feel successful, baby steps. 

Some people weigh everyday. However sometimes you can become so obsessed with losing weight that you don’t focus on your everyday life and you are constantly thinking about it and some days when you gain a tiny tiny bit of weigh you could feel really bad. Baby Steps. –  You love losing weight and being happier.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Take a moment to look at how much weight you have lost so far and feel good. If you haven’t lost weight start today and imagine yourself losing weight in the days ahead. You can lose weight. You love losing weight and being happier. Have a good day. 

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Stuck? Try this. Start using the word ‘can’. I can lose weight. I can weigh xxx pounds. I can stay on my food plan. Sometimes the Mind doesn’t yet believe you can do it so it resist. Using the word ‘can’ makes it easier for your Mind to accept and will get you more motivated. So start off with ‘I can…’. and soon you will. 

WEIGHT LOSS TIP – Try this. Just say NO! Say no to eating too much during your day. When a idea, desires, cravings comes up to eat something not on your food plan just say No and move on. – You can lose weight and be happier. 

Garry Waligore Hypnotist

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