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Stress can cause people to eat too much. It can make you tired and mentally weak so that you give in and eat. Stress can overcome you at any time. It can be a heavy weight upon your shoulders beating you down. Other times stress can motivate you and actually be fun and exciting. It is not how high the stress is but how we handle it. Many people thrive under high stress. A doctor doing brain surgery, a quarterback who must score in the last 60 seconds, and a salesperson trying to meet their quota are examples.

Stress can also thought of as ‘pressure’ ‘under the knife’. You can become anxious, angry, tired, and overwhelmed. You can have doubts about whether you can do the task, get it done on time, or worse how to do it. The question is how do we go from this to a confident, motivated, and energetic person who can get it done.

Where do we start? We can start by monitoring our stress level. Most people don’t realize how high their stress level is until it gets really high and uncomfortable. We need to diffuse it before then when it is easier to do.

The goal is to turn stress into ‘relax’ and ‘energy’. Relax to reduce tension in the mind and body and energy if something is needed to do at work, school, home and to reach goals and also for you to become motivated, confident and have a plan. Once you do this the burden of stress becomes much lower and you have a better day. This is a different approach to stress.




I am too tired. I can’t do it. I don’t know how. Your thoughts shape your reality. If you are thinking ‘I can’t reach my goal’ chances are you won’t. Positive thinking makes it easier to reach your goal. You can change your bad thoughts into good thoughts which means you will be happier and get there sooner. You will also start seeing the glass as almost full instead of half empty. 

Positive Thinking is about building a mental framework of habits, attitudes, energy, and knowing how to do things so that you are happier and have a good life. For details see my Positive Thinking Workbook and here are 2 areas.


If you have thoughts of being tired you will probably stay tired and do you really want this. Of course not. Then it’s time to fight back. I was walking my dog Max the other day and I had thoughts of how tired I was and actually felt tired. I then told myself: I am strong and energy flows thru me and I felt stronger with more energy. Or you can use Energy self hypnosis.

  • Say My shoulders, arms and hands are getting energized
  • My chest and stomach are getting energized
  • My back and legs are getting energized
  • Energy flows thru me


If you think you can’t then you won’t. Start telling yourself ‘I can’ for your goal or change. I can quit smoking. I can get an ‘A’ on my Math exam. I can lose weight. These words will give you more confidence and help you do it. Say these words out loud or to yourself. Do this during a work break, while walking from your car, before studying, anytime anywhere.



Most people start their weight loss program by working on the physical part of losing weight, eat less and exercise. This self hypnosis program helps you with the mental part of losing weight. The part that gets you motivated and stops the cravings. This combination makes it fast & easier to lose weight.


Use these lessons as a resource when you need to get motivated and stop any cravings. You can start over or just go to any one lesson when needed. I recommend you continue to listen to the audio tracks every day and read your GoalSheet. Be aware that there may be times when you go off the track by eating too much which means you just have to get back on track right away. You can come in for a Booster session.

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