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By eating less you lose weight faster. We want to start eating less. Where do we start? We want to start cutting out junk food and eat smaller portions. I recommend you start with one of them. When I had to lose weight I cut out the junk food first. I allowed myself to have a few treats. Then I started on smaller portions. You can do it whatever way you want. Once you start losing weight at a healthy rate 1-3 pounds a week then just continue to eat that amount of food. It took me about 6 weeks to do this. Garry


I believe in exercise to lose weight. Pick one you like. Start light and work harder slowly. First and foremost we want to prevent an injury. You might want to consult a doctor before you start. Here’s some wonderful benefits of exercise.

  • Reduces stress! 
  • Burns calories
  • Become stronger
  • Feel better
  • Have more energy
  • and many more


You can lose weight by eating lots of junk food if you ate less calories every day. However you could suffer all kinds of health problems and eventually probably start bingeing and gain weight. Eat healthy and your health will improve and you will feel better.


When I wanted to lose weight I weighed myself on Wednesday and Sunday when I got up and before I ate or drank anything. You can do it anytime you want. 

Eight years ago I weighed 248 pounds and I had trouble tying my shoes. My pants size was 46 inches and I had sleep apnea because of this weight. I just felt so heavy and hated the way I looked in the mirror. I just wanted to cry. I had about 60 pounds to lose and I knew I couldn’t do it but I had no choice. It would take so long so I just took it step-by-step. I slowly cut down on my junk food and started to eat less. I also went to the gym and worked out regularly. I set my goal to losing 10 pounds at a time. I started losing weight and after 18 months I had lost 60 pounds and looked great. 

I went from being depressed about my weight and thinking I could never lose the weight to a person that knew he could lose the pounds and one that woke up excited about losing weight. It was an adventure. Garry Waligore


  1. Listen to the audio tracks*
  2. Read your GoalSheet in the morning*
  3. Use self hypnosis
  4. Get motivated
  5. Stop the cravings and desires
  6. Read some of the Workbook each day

*Steps 1 & 2 are the most important and do these every day so you will stay motivated. 

This Workbook will give step-by-step details on how to do this. It can take time to make these adjustments. The Energy Hypnosis Weight Loss Program deals with the mental part of losing weight. It’s focus is on you getting motivated, stopping the cravings and helping you stay on your food plan. These Chapters will help you do this.

Garry Waligore Hypnotist


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