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Your Inner Mind (subconscious) can send you motivation, energy to exercise, confidence, desires to lose weight, keep you on track, and do everything it can to help you lose weight OR it can send you cravings, excuses, doubts, tiredness, and do everything it can to stop you from losing weight. This is why the Mind is the first step. 

Most people start their weight loss program by working on the physical part of losing weight, eat less and exercise. This self hypnosis program helps you with the mental part of losing weight. The part that gets you motivated and stops the cravings and keeps you on track. The best way is to combine both.


The Energy Hypnosis Weight Loss Program deals with the mental part of losing weight. It’s focus is on you getting motivated, stopping the cravings and helping you eat less. Some people just wake up one day super motivated and decide to lose weight and start eating less and just lose weight from day one.  They are the lucky ones. Many people struggle and need some help. The Energy Hypnosis Program provides the help you need to get there easier and sooner. You can use this program with any weight loss program you want to.


Energy Hypnosis adds a new dimension to Hypnosis by also focusing on building strength and energy which means you can make changes fast and easier. Online you can use the Workbook and the mp3 tracks to get amazing results which are also on my blog

Note – You can modify, change, ignore, or whatever for any of the ideas in this Workbook. You can also go in any order of the chapters you want. The Chapters  make a good reference which means when you have ‘doubts’ you can go to the ‘Removing Doubts’ Chapter. 

Let’s get started!


Weight Loss outloud

Weight Loss relax 

Weight Loss relax booster


I am a firm believer in listening to the audio tracks and I think they are the place to start. My audio tracks are powerful when used on a daily basis. They will get you motivated, stop the doubts, excuses, cravings, and help you stay on track. They are short only 2 – 10 minutes long and you can listen most anytime anyplace. Currently there are tracks for weight loss, quit smoking, reach your goal,  positive thinking, and stress with more to come. I wrote and recorded them in my office. 

They come on a thumb drive which you can load onto your computer, phone, and speakers. You can also listen to them on my blog 

There are two kinds – outloud & relax. The ‘outloud’ tracks can be listened to while sitting or lying down, or cooking, cleaning, and other similar activities. You can also listen to them like music in the background. They keep you in normal consciousness which means you can listen most anytime just be in a safe place. You can listen to only a few minutes to get a quick boost. 

For the ‘relax’ tracks you need to sit or lie down in a quiet area or wear headphones. They take you into self hypnosis where the suggestions will produce more results. They are great for a break from your everyday activities for example a work break. 

The ‘booster relax’ tracks are short about 2 minutes long which means you can get a quick boost most anytime. 

I recommend that you listen to all 3 weight loss tracks each day so you stay motivated and on track. Listening more often will get you there sooner. For a general goal use the ‘Goal’ tracks. Also youtube has many other different audio tracks. 



+ Exercise + Eat Healthy + Stay On Food Plan + Stop Emotional Eating

Eat less calories is by far the biggest part of losing weight. The other 4 will also help you lose weight and they are important in helping you change your lifestyle so that you lose weight and then keep it off. An added benefit is that you will get fit, healthy, have more energy and be happier. The goal here is to lose weight and keep it off. This is the physical part of weight loss.

The Energy Hypnosis Weight Loss Program deals with the mental part of losing weight. It’s focus is on you getting motivated, stopping the cravings and helping you stay on your food plan. These Chapters will help you do this.


  1. Intro + mp3 + Formula
  2. Action Plan
  3. Set Goal + GoalSheet
  4. Hypnosis
  5. Self Hypnosis + Tools + EFT
  6. Change Attitude + Remove Doubts
  7. Get Motivated
  8. Food + Exercise Plan
  9. It Sucks + Getting Answers
  10. Triggers + Stop Cravings
  11. Stress + Positive Thinking + Stay On Track


All of a sudden I realized how much bigger I was. How I kept buying bigger pants. How it was harder to walk up and down stairs. Now I am going to have to lose weight. How did this happen? How am I going to lose all those pounds? To start losing weight let’s look at how we got overweight.

Slow Gradual – You love to eat. You love the taste of food. You love the big portions at restaurants. You love eating with people. While you are young you may pull this off. As people age they can slowly put on weight. Your metabolism may slow. You have more responsibilities. People may exercise less. By the time a person hit 40 they can be 20+ pounds overweight.

Emotional Eating – The boss says you have to finish today. The kids are yelling and screaming. You don’t have money to fix the car. Many people eat to deal with the daily stresses of life. It buffers the pain away. Some binge. Some eat a lot of sweets. Some overeat.

I Can’t Lose Weight – Many people think they can’t lose weight so they keep on eating.

Medications – Some medications have the side effect of gaining weight. 

Health – You might have a thyroid problem. You may have some other health problem. Check with your doctor. 

Sugar – Some people can not eat just one cookie and if they do they will have strong cravings to eat more sugar treats. Sometimes it can be really strong and if you eat them you can really pack on the weight quickly.. 

Sit at a desk at work  No exercise. Come home watch TV.

Body Type – Some people are naturally big.

Old or Sick – Some people are too old or too sick to do much of anything especially worry about their weight.

Don’t Notice The Weight – Most people gain weight slowly over the years. Their pants get tight and they buy a larger pairs and try to just move on with their life. What can I do?

Don’t Make Adjustments – As you grow older you need to watch your weight. You need to eat more healthy food and less junk food. You have to watch your portions. You have to deal with more stress in your life. You have to adjust.

Don’t Care – I had a friend who was 69 years old and was 80 pounds overweight and had diabetes. He said he didn’t care. I don’t know how someone couldn’t care. He died.

Denial – I think some people block out that they are gaining weight. They believe they can’t do anything about it anyway.

Give Up – Just give up.

Anxiety & DepressionSome people eat too much during these times and some people eat less.

Rebellion – I want to eat what I want, when I want, and as much as I want.

Trauma – Some trauma perhaps medical, divorce, getting fired, just something horrible can trigger eating binges which can last months and you end up gaining weight.

Look over this list and see how you gained so much weight. Is it time to start losing weight?

Garry Waligore Hypnotist  updated Nov 19, 2019

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