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Have something stressful to do? Here are a few ways to help you reduce the stress, get motivated, get it done and feel better. You can use these before and or during the task. Following are 3 ways which can be used for stress and most other things such as weight loss, Math exam, goals whatever. 


Feeling some stress coming on about doing something or at any time you want? Give yourself a PEP talk and get charged up. A PEP talk is made up of positive suggestions, statements and your goal. It’s good to have 3-5 and say one or all for your PEP Talk as many times as you want. Make sure they are positive, present tense and personal. Or you can make your own on the spot like a coach would. Repeat them often. You can say these in normal consciousness or use self hypnosis.


  • I can do ___ (name whatever it is)
  • I love getting this ——- done
  • By getting this ——- done I can leave on time
  • I can go to the gym and have a good workout


Yes take a 30 second break in place and imagine yourself doing all the practical steps and then getting it done just be in a safe place. You can daydream like you did as a kid.


See feel yourself going down the path of your life. You come to a signpost. The path to the left is the one for keeping your stress. The path to the right is turning stress into relax and energy. Now look down the path to the left and see your future after keeping your stress. Now look down the path to the right and see your future after turning stress into relax and energy. Now choose the right path. 

SIMPLE but it will inspire and motivate you.

Garry Waligore Hypnotist  May 23, 2019

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