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Most people are so used to their stress that it doesn’t occur to them to do something about it. You have a choice! You can keep it or you can deal with it. The Inner Mind needs to be aware of the costs and benefits so it can replace the – – – – with ++++’s. On a sheet of paper write down the costs and benefits of stress. Here are samples.


  • worries
  • body tension
  • angry feelings
  • trouble sleeping
  • stomach problems
  • drink & smoke
  • not getting it done
  • boss shouts at you
  • you don’t get an A on your Math exam
  • Eat too much or too little


  • lot less worries
  • can do job better
  • sleep better
  • more peace
  • more productive
  • more loving
  • Happier

EXERCISE – use peace self hypnosis.

  • My shoulders, arms and hands are at peace
  • My chest and stomach are at peace
  • My back and heart are at peace
  • My legs are at peace
  • I am at peace.

Now take a few moments to read the costs and benefits which you have just filled out. Then reflect.

The Inner Mind needs direction from you the Conscious Mind. You need to tell it the costs of keeping stress so it can see and feel the pain stress causes. It needs to see and feel the benefits so it can get motivated to turn stress into relax and energy by adding +++’s and removing – – –’s. With self hypnosis we can do this. 


It seems that so many people are constantly stressed out. Work, kids, shopping, cooking, cleaning, not enough money and the stress goes on and on. Yet many just keep it and go on living a stressful life. Why? It might be they don’t know how to get rid of it. Maybe not enough time to get everything done. Maybe it just overwhelms them. Or they just can’t work fast enough. Or they are too tired. Or they don’t have enough money. Let’s find out some of our own reasons.


  • Get a sheet of paper.
  • Next we will come up with a question to ask. Let’s start with this one: “I keep my stress because…”
  • Say Strong or Peace self hypnosis.
  • My shoulders, arms and hands are strong.
  • My chest and stomach are strong.
  • My back and legs are strong. 
  • I am strong.
  • Start writing down the question and keep on writing it down until an insight comes up. Write the insight down and right away start writing the question again.
  • I keep my stress because…
  • I keep my stress because…I might scream and scream.
  • I keep my stress because…
  • I keep my stress because…I am at work and have to.
  • I keep my stress because…
  • I keep my stress because…There’s nothing I can do but bear it.
  • I keep my stress because…
  • I keep my stress because…I am old and tired.
  • I keep my stress because…not enough time
  • I keep my stress because…something is scary out there.

Complete this exercise by asking “What can I do about this? Here’s some ideas.

  • I might scream and scream. If alone scream.
  • I am at work and have to. Use one of the Stress Tools here. Or figure out how you can do your task faster. Or talk to your boss.
  • There’s is nothing I can do but bear it. Realize there is something you can do. Ideas in these posts.
  • I am old and tired. Give yourself a break. You might be slower but you may know smarter ways to get it done.
  • Something is scary out there. What scares me? Do strong self hypnosis.

Other questions to ask. Make up some of your own.

  • When did this stress start?
  • What is a trigger?
  • How bad is it at work, at home, etc.
  • Am I angry?
  • How heavy is it?
  • How do I feel about this stress?
  • How important is it to my overall life?
  • How does my stress look?

I hope this will help you. Stress can be hard and sometimes overwhelming. You can turn stress into relax and energy. You will then get more done and have a better day. 


Anti-Suggestions are true statements meant to inform and hit your Inner Mind so hard that it refrains from giving into your stress. They can help you stop from giving into to stress, a craving for cookies, doubts about finishing your project or whatever is mentally attacking you. In this case we are directly telling your Inner Mind the consequences of not dealing with the stress. One consequence is that we keep the stress.


  • Keeping stress can give me a headache
  • Keeping stress can lead to an eating binge
  • Keeping stress means I may have trouble sleeping tonight
  • Keeping stress can make me angry
  • Keeping stress can make it harder to get my work done


Make a list of stress anti-suggestions for you. 3-4 should do it. Say them to yourself before a stressful activity, when you get stressed out or whenever you want. Always follow them with a PEP talk.

  • Keeping stress can make me tense.
  • Keeping stress can make me yell at people.
  • Keeping stress can trigger cravings to eat.
  • Keeping stress can be painful.

Right after give yourself a PEP talk, for example.

  • I can turn stress into relax and energy and feel better 
  • I can finish this project on time.
  • I love finishing it on time.
  • My boss will be happy

You have a choice to keep the stress or turn it into relax and energy. It may take time to do this. Learn and use these Stress Tools and you will be able to do it.

Garry Waligore Hypnotist

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