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The Day You Quit Smoking Will Be
One of The Best Days Of Your Life

You can quit smoking. Once your whole mind decides to quit you will quit. I myself quit with Hypnosis in 1 session with very little withdrawals. Many smokers can take longer as it depends on how ready you are to quit. I usually help people quit in 1-3 sessions. You can quit. Millions and millions of people have quit smoking and you can also quit. Hypnosis is the easiest and fastest way. 

Many smokers I have helped quit also reported that they had very little withdrawals. Many other people have withdrawals which go away after a short period of adjustment. This can only be because the physical addiction is not as strong as the Mental addiction. You can quit.

This Workbook is a supplement to the sessions and also effective for online use. If you are doing this only online I recommend you also use nicotine gum, patch or another replacement product. You can go thru this Workbook at your own pace. 


  1. I quit smoking
  2. I have some withdrawals
  3. I love being a nonsmoker

A nonsmoker wakes up with no thoughts or desires to smoke. They love going thru the whole day and night without any thoughts about smoking. Day after day, year after year. They never smoke again and they love it. Smoking becomes something they did in the past and is completely gone from the present and the future. It is over. They are free! 


  • Your health improves right away
  • You live longer
  • It’s so much easier to breathe
  • Your smokers cough goes away
  • It’s easier to walk up stairs
  • You have more energy
  • Food tastes better
  • You smell clean again
  • You save money
  • You are free!
  • And so many more good things happen

Vaping is popular now and seems to be better for you but it still contains nicotine which is harmful and it is still smoking which means you might just start smoking cigs again. Update many people who are vaping have died in recent times (Nov 2019) which means that vaping is now very dangerous.


Quit Smoking outloud

Quit Smoking relax


Audio tracks are powerful when used daily. They give you beneficial suggestions to motivate you and to stop the cravings. I have 2 types of tracks: ‘outloud’ and ‘relax’. The ‘outloud’ keeps you in normal consciousness. You can listen to them while sitting or lying down or you can listen to them like music in the background while cooking, walking, maybe at work, just make sure you are in a safe place. 

The ‘relax’ track puts you in light hypnosis. You need to sit or lie down in a quiet area or use headphones.

Both are short 6-9 minutes long so you can listen most anytime. Listen to the two audio tracks as often as you can. They contain beneficial suggestions which will help you quit. Just listen to these tracks and let the suggestions flow into your Inner Mind (subconscious). youtube also has many.


  1. Intro + mp3
  2. Action Plan
  3. Hypnosis
  4. Self Hypnosis
  5. Get Motivated
  6. Doubts + What Smoking Does
  7. Stop Cravings + Excuses 2
  8. Quit Smoking Today

Garry Waligore Hypnotist


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