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Many people carry tension in their body. They have areas of their body that are tense. For me it is usually my facial muscles. Most of the time it is stress. Many people get tense when under stress, anxiety or anger. Here’s are ways to help you relax. At the end of the day you will have done more, have more energy and more able to just let go desires to eat, smoke, whatever.


Watch your body for tension. Most people have a certain area that gets tense. Mine is my  facial muscles. Go thru your muscles and scan for body tension throughout your day.

‘relax relax’ SELF HYPNOSIS TOOL

Whenever I say the words ‘relax relax’ to myself I feel a wave of relaxation flowing from my head on down thru my body. And I feel the stress, tension, anger or anxiety releasing.

First say the words ‘relax relax’ and imagine a wave of relaxation flowing down your body and lowering your body tension. Feel it happening. It may take time. Whenever you feel tense, stressed, angry this will help you relax. For more on stress go to Stress category.

For specific tension like in my facial muscles. First bring your awareness to the tense muscles and then say ‘relax relax’ like above and feel the muscles relax. You will save energy and be more relaxed during your day.


This is an another way. To relax your muscles you can also tense the area real hard and then relax it. You can squeeze a hand gripper. You can tense your shoulders, arms, hands and let go a few times. Find some ways to release your tension. Find out what’s good for you and use it.


Many people work hard, have to take care of kids, clean etc. To reduce overall body tension it’s important to find something that relaxes you and take time to enjoy it. Here are some of the things I do to give you an ideas. Lately I have found my body to be real tense and I am doing more relaxation stuff. Find your own method and use it.

  • Watch out for body tension
  • Play computer chess
  • Walk my dog
  • Relax in my recliner and listen to new age music
  • Use ‘relax relax’ self hypnosis
  • Do things with family
  • Listen to meditative audio tracks
  • Do self Reiki
  • Sex
  • Go dancing (not mine)


There could be other reasons.

  • My bed or pillow may keep me from a deep sleep
  • My shoes may not be the right ones
  • Too much caffeine
  • Too much sugar
  • Working at computer all day
  • Investigate your daily life

What’s important is that you watch for tension and then use a method to release it.

Garry Waligore Hypnotherapist   Novato CA


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