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Why exercise? Why spend the time and energy? Well here are 11 good reasons to exercise.

1. Live Longer – Exercise lessens the risk of diabetes, heart attacks and so many other health problems. Want to live longer? Exercise!

2. Stress – When I am stressed out and tense there is nothing better than a workout. I usually work out harder. When I leave the stress is gone.

3. Lose Weight – The formula for losing weight is eat less and exercise. I figure exercise is 25% ¬†of the formula. Plus exercise lowers stress so you don’t eat because you stressed.

4. Energy – Wow. It’s great for boosting your energy level. However this takes time. In the beginning you may be sore and more tired. After you reach a certain level your energy level soars.

5. Strength – Most exercise programs build up muscle strength. You get stronger. It’s easier to climb stairs, easier to pick up stuffs, easier to work….

6. Social – At the gym or taking a yoga class or walking in your neighborhood, shooting hoops, almost all exercise programs give you the opportunity to meet people.

7. Stand Taller – You stand up straighter. Your movements are more fluid. You may look younger.

8. More Flexible – Remember to stretch and you will be more flexible.

9. More Feeling – Most people walk around with no awareness of their inner body. As you progress you begin to feel your muscles. You are aware of having muscles and how they move your body. It’s a good feeling.

10. Challenging – Set a goal and strive to reach it. You can make every workout a challenge. I am training to go back on stage next year for a bodybuilding contest. At age 69 this will be a great challenge.

11. Look Younger!! Yes, you will look younger.


This is up to you. Most people have some experience in sports or have worked out when they were younger. If not pick one and try it. Stuck? Start by walking. Perhaps afterwards something will come to you. Remember to start slow. Have questions email me at

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